Keep warm (and stylish) with these cute and easy crocheted boot cuffs. A great beginner crochet project and also a great way to use up some extra yarn.

Boot Cuffs

boot cuffs


What is a Boot Cuff?

A  boot cuff worn over tights, leggings, skinny jeans or bare legs and peek out of the top of the boot and gives the impression of a full sock. Boot Cuffs are usually made from crochet or knitted yarn. They provide a bit of extra warmth in cold weather. There are like a short leg warmers. Some boot cuffs have lace at the top for an extra embellishment.

These boot cuffs are a really great project, they look super cute and the best part is they are easy to make!  These crochet warmers are made with a simple half double crochet stitch. Stitching in the back of the stitch gives the cool ribbed look, making them look like knitted boot warmers. Check out more free crochet patterns and these crochet patterns to keep your hook busy!

Crochet Boot Cuff Supplies

  • Yarn: Any Medium Worsted Weight Yarn, I have used both Acrylic and Wool. Just choose a yarn that you really like. Don’t limit yourself!
  • Crochet Hook: Size J/6mm
  • Yarn Needle

Stitches Used

  • Chain (CH)
  • Half Double Crochet (HDC)

How to Crochet Boot Cuffs

Use this free crochet boot cuff pattern to whip up your very own pair.  They make great gifts too!

First row: Loosely Chain 25 stitches

Second row: Skip two stitches (this makes your first Half Double Crochet) Then HDC in each stitch

Third row: CH 2 stitches, (this makes your first HDC). HDC into the back part of the loops across the whole row. (Crocheting into the back part of the stitches will give you the ribs)

Rows 4 – 24: Continue the rest of the boot cuff by repeating the instructions for the third row.

Finish: Tie off the end and then use your yarn needle to sew the ends together. Weave in the ends of Yarn.

Notes: You can make the boot cuffs wider or narrower. I did 24 rows which fit around the widest part of my calf that is 13.5”. It is okay if it is tight because they will stretch out as you wear them.

crochet boot cuffs
crochet boot cuffs




Half Double Crochet  Video Instruction

If you need help making a half double crochet check out this video.

Half Double Crochet

Here are written step by step instructions for the half double crochet stitch.

  • Make a foundation chain one chain more than the number of half double crochet stitches called for. Skip first 2 chain stitches (will count as the turning chain). Yarn over hook once, insert hook from front to back in the center of the third chain from the hook.
  • Yarn over, draw the yarn through the chain (3 loops on hook).
  • Yarn over, draw through 3 loops on hook (one half double crochet complete).
  • Yarn over, insert hook in the center of next chain, yarn over, draw yarn through stitch, yarn over, draw yarn through 3 loops on hook. Repeat across to end of foundation chain.
  • To begin the second row, turn your work. Chain two for the turning chain.
  • Skip the first half double crochet below the turning chain. Yarn over, insert hook from front to back under the top 2 loops of the next half double crochet in the row below, yarn over, draw yarn through stitch, yarn over, draw yarn through 3 loops on hook (first half double crochet complete). Repeat this step in each half double crochet across and in the top of the turning chain at the end of the row.

My Favorite Crochet Tools

  • If you are like me and like to crochet on the go this tote is a stylish way to keep everything you need at your fingertips!
  • My MOST FAVORITE tool is these portable scissors that always make it through security and fit perfectly in my hook case.
  • A️ yarn bowl is a beautiful way to wrangle yarn while crocheting
  • Keep organized with this crochet hooks kit with a case. This 85-piece kit has over 2,500  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ five-star reviews.
  • Crochet Stitch Dictionary: 200 Essential Stitches with Step-by-Step Photos is the most helpful resource to keep handy!

Easy Crochet Projects For you:

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More Free Crochet Boot Cuff Patterns

Most of these patterns you will need to login to Ravelry to see, but it is worth! Membership to Ravelry is free and you will find so many wonderful patterns.  It is a great resource.  Hope you like all these free crochet boot cuffs!

My name is Sarah, I am a new mom to a beautiful baby girl. I am a professional photographer and an armature artist. I love spending my spare time crocheting, painting and cooking. I hope you stop by My Blog to say hello. 

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  1. I just started crocheting a month
    I’m enjoying it so far..been practicing alot. I’m a Lou.My Mom is a Lou..God rest her soul. My dad’s sister is a Lou.
    All our middle names is Lou.. My Son calls me this seems appropriate.

  2. I love finding these easy patterns since I have thin calves and the regular size just has the loose boot look! Great to find an easy pattern that’s short and quick and covers at the same time! Thanks

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