We are getting ready to head back to school in our area.  We look at these milestones as an opportunity to restart and check in on our habits.  At our home we are going to focus on making better food choices.  We want to make sure that what we put in our mouths count. My children like to take their lunch to school, so I use this opportunity to give them a nutritional boost during the day! Don’t miss our healthy lunch ideas for kids below.  I also use lunch time to remind my kids how amazing they are and how much I love them by including cute lunch box notes.

healthy lunch ideas for kids

Cute Lunch Box Notes

These lunch box notes are a great way to let your child know that even while away they are in your thoughts.  Everybody likes to know they are valued and loved!

{Free Printable Lunch Box Notes}

cute lunch box notes

Healthy Lunch Ideas For Kids

Here are some of our healthy lunch ideas we will be using this year.

  • Hummus with veggies
  • Hard Boiled Eggs or deviled eggs
  • Cheese (cheese cubes, string cheese, cottage cheese etc)
  • Yogurt and granola
  • Ruby Rockets also makes a non-dairy yogurt alternativeTM perfect to tuck into a sack lunch or enjoy on the go!
  • Nitrate Free Deli Meats on whole grain bread or rolled up without bread
  • Jerky
  • Leftovers (hamburger patties, chicken, pork etc all work great for lunch)
  • Quesadillas and Wraps filled with nut butters, cream cheese or meat and veggies
  • Bean Burritos
  • Peanut Butter or Nut Butters on whole grain tortillas, bread or served with veggies and fruit slices
  • Mixed Nuts
  • Black Bean and Corn Salad served with baked tortilla chips

We will choose one or two options from above and then throw in loads of their favorite fruits and veggies. My kids also like popcorn or a granola bar for a treat in their lunches. We refrain from sending chips, cookies etc. Sometimes I might hear, “All the other kids have….” but for the most part my kids know those foods end up making them feel not so hot. They really do learn to appreciate how delicious healthy food is and are quite content.

{Ruby Rockets also non-dairy yogurt}

Ruby rockest yogurt

More Healthy Food Ideas

If you are looking for more healthy tips and inspiration for making real food a part of family life visit Trekaroo. You can also enter to win a real food gift pack from Thrive.

After school is another time to give a nutritional boost.  Instead of letting kids fill up on empty calories, choose a convenient healthy snack like Ruby’s Naturals.  Ruby Rockets, makes healthy, non-dairy fruit & veggie snacks for the whole family. The fruit and veggie pops are organic, non-GMO, real food with no added sugar. They will be a healthy after school treat after a long day at school.

Ruby Rockets popsicles

Ruby Rockest Fruit Pops

Ruby’s Naturals, Inc. is committed to serving nutritious, yummy snacks that the whole family can enjoy. I feel as a mom I have a responsibility to show my food that real food rocks. By the foods I choose to have available at our home I can make this happen. I have found that my kids’ tastebuds adjust and they don’t crave sugary snacks and empty carbs.

Ruby Rockets Fruit & Veggie Pops

Enter to Win a Real Food Gift Pack (3 Winners)!

To celebrate Trekaroo’s love of real food, we’re giving three families real-food prize packs worth over $500

  • Grand prize winner (1 winner): $300 Thrive Market gift card + two variety packs of Ruby Rockets products. Value: $310
  • Runner-up prize winners (2 winners): $100 Thrive Market gift card + two variety packs of Ruby Rockets products.  Value: $110 per prize
  • Enter HERE!

Ruby Rockets

Ruby’s Naturals, Inc., parent company to Ruby Rockets, makes delicious, healthy, non-dairy fruit & veggie snacks for the whole family. We’ve been creating organic, non-GMO, real food with no added sugar, since 2013. Whether it’s a refreshing non-dairy fruit and veggie ice pop enjoyed best on a hot summer day, or a kid-friendly, non-dairy yogurt alternativeTM convenient for on-the-go occasions, Ruby’s Naturals, Inc. is committed to serving nutritious, yummy snacks that the whole family can enjoy. This is a sponsored post.  All ideas and opinions and ideas are my own. I only mention items that I would use in my every day life.

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  1. Emilie be sure to check out my lunch box jokes then…..https://www.skiptomylou.org/free-printable-halloween-lunch-box-jokes/ for halloween and these jokes for Valentines Day https://www.skiptomylou.org/valentine-lunch-box-jokes/ . If you love jokes as much as we do try out these jokes on your kids https://www.skiptomylou.org/kids-jokes/

    Yes, the Ruby Rocket products were good. If your child is used to full sugar products they might take some time to get use to.

  2. I think that although the printables are cute my children would not like them they would prefer a joke or something like that. I also have have you tried any of ruby rockets products? If so how good were they?

  3. These are adorable lunch box notes! Unfortunately, the school my son attends does not allow outside food. So I miss out on all the fun stuff like this. I do bring in snacks for the class every couple of months, so I try to keep them as healthy as possible, because I know they may not be getting the “real food”. Love the lunch ideas, too! Definitely will be using these for after school snacks.

  4. These print outs are super cute! Thanks for sharing we will be using them!

  5. My son doesn’t go to school yet, but I imagine that I would enjoy leaving lunch box notes for him when he does.

  6. Such a cute idea to send encouraging notes to your kids in their lunchbox. My kids would love opening their lunchbox to see what the message is that day. Do you personalize them for each child? Thanks for the printable.

  7. these are adorable and easier than trying to conjure up cute notes when you are making lunches!!!

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