Let me show you how to decorate a clipboard using your child’s artwork. This cute DIY clipboard is a great homemade gift for that hard to buy loved one. It is also a great way to preserve a child’s artwork.

Embellished Clipboard with childs artwork
Decorated Clipboard with Child’s Artwork

You might also check out these embellished candles. They use a trick to transfer kid’s drawings to candles and they are another great gift idea.

What can you do with a clipboard?

There are so many fun and inexpensive ways to decorate cute clipboards. Once you have decided on the perfect design for your clipboard, find some great ways to use your clipboards to help you get organized here. A decorated is a great project to make for yourself or as a super useful gift for a friend.

Supplies You Will Need

Here is a list of the clipboard materials you will need:

clipboard and paper

How to Decorate a Clipboard with Mod Podge

No need to ever have a boring clipboard again!

Note: if I was in total control of this gift I would give the clipboard or the notebook and entire coat of acrylic paint before beginning. Well, my craft partner likes the flowers that came on the clipboard, so hopefully our dad does too.

Step One: Have a child color a picture. My crafty partner colored our family on regular white copy paper. Crayons or markers can be used.

Tip: Be sure to use quality copy paper that isn’t too flimsy, and encourage your child to cover the entire page.

child's drawing of a family

Step Two: Cut a notch from the top of the paper so it fits around the clip. This can be done with scissors or an Exacto knife.

bottle mod podge and foam brush

Step Three: Place an even coat of Mod Podge on the clipboard.

mod podge on clipboard

Step Four: Place the drawing on top of the clipboard covered in Mod Podge. Use a plastic pot scraper, piece of cardboard or rubber brayer to gently smooth paper and remove air bubbles. Allow ModPodge to completely dry. (Check out those earrings my daughter drew for herself -WOW)

TIP: After years of perfecting this craft I think a roller rubber brayer works best to remove air bubbles and evenly spread the glue under the paper.

smooth paper with plastic rubber scraper

Step Five: Once completely dry paint a coat of Mod Podge to top.

modge podge artwork

TaDah! A beautiful and useful gift. Someone is so proud of this cute clip board. I hope that you’ll have fun making these decorated clipboards with your child. You will certainly love seeing the pride in their eyes when they see you using a clipboard with their special artwork! I know I did.

child holding embellished clipboard

What kind of paint do you use on clipboards?

You can use any acrylic paint to create a nice base color for your clipboard.  I also like to use Krylon’s matte finish spray paint to give the clipboard a nice finish. You can check out these cute scrapbook paper decorated clipboards here.

What is Decoupage?

Decoupage is the art of decorating an object with paper cutouts and glue. This form of crafting dates back centuries. It is the technique we used to decorate this clipboard. Mod Podge is a specific brand name of glue that is often used for decoupage. If you are wondering what glue is best for decoupage, I personally like Mod Podge

It is easy to learn how to decoupage cute patterned paper onto a clipboard to make the perfect teacher or thank you gift. If you can’t find a decorative paper you like don’t overlook using wrapping paper. You can learn how to make these cute clipboards here.

More Ways to Use Kids Artwork

Do you have a child that loves to create artwork? If you have a prolific artist and find it hard to throw away those beautiful creations use them to make fun gifts.

child holding stuffed butterfly made from child's drawing

I would love to hear other creative ways that you have used your child’s artwork in the comments below!

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  1. This is such a cute project! I love that you can make something useful and save my child’s artwork.

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