How to make a child’s apron from a dishtowel

Randi from i have to say has a great dishtowel apron tutorial. I wanted to make mine for my niece who is 3 (It also fit my friend’s little girl who is 4 nicely with room for growth). I followed Randi’s tutorial instructions but changed the measurements to make the apron smaller.

I first cut off 6 inches from one end of my Martha Stewart 18×28 towel. I used part of what I cut off the end to make a front pocket. From the top of the towel I measured over 6 inches from the side edge and then from the top down the side 7 inches and cut this triangle away from each side. I was unsure of size so instead of leaving 15 inches of bias tape for the neck hole I allowed a15 inch piece on each side to it can be tied. I used a 1 inch bias tape maker and made my own bias tape so I could have a print on the bias tape.


I also made one for my two year old daughter.


For her size I cut off 10 inches from one end of the towel and then used my same measurements —-over 6 inches along the top of the towel and down the side 7 inches on each side. I used purchased double fold extra wide bias tape and allowed 18 inches for the ties and 15 inches for the neck hole.


I also gave my niece some felt cookies and carrots to go along with her apron. I could become addicted to making felt food. Thanks Katie for giving me the idea! My little girl loves playing with ours.


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  1. oh sooo or should I say sew cute..will be adding these to my things to do basket.. and I got the cookie but am thinking some pockets and wooden spoons in the front of the apron.. similar to the crayon pockets what ya think.. I am inspired.. hugs and thanks..

  2. For children who can’t tie yet, try putting a long strap on one side and velcro at the end of it, with the other piece of velcro on the spot where the other apron string would have been. Independence is awesome!
    That extra wide double fold bias tape made me laugh – when I took my Montessori Primary training (for ages 3-6) they taught us how to make tea towel aprons, and she had us chanting, “extra wide, double fold, bias tape!” over and over again.

  3. We got our daughter a sweet little kitchen for her 2nd birthday that is coming up in june. This will be an adorable addition!

  4. The aprons are adorable! I’ve seen several dishtowel apron patterns on the net and I think I’m going to have to make one for each of my girls. If they turn out even half as nice as your’s, my girls will LOVE them! The felt food is yummy, too … what a neat idea!

  5. Cindy, I know you posted this awhile ago but I just found your blog. These are such cute aprons! It took me a few minutes to realize why they seemed familiar. I have the same Martha towels. 🙂

  6. I am so glad you got around to doing this. Your apron is much better than mine and I think I might use the idea for an upcoming birthday for twin girls (3 yrs). The “cookies” are lovely too.

  7. Those are adorable! What a clever idea. I’ll have to try that for my little girls.

  8. Tea towel aprons are great! And I love your embelishments. I’ve had great success in making kid-sized aprons from bandanas as well.


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