Put your childs artwork on a candle for an easy DIY Christmas gift that your child can make.  Learn how to put a picture on a candle and you can transfer your child’s drawing for a meaningful handmade gift. We love making homemade gifts and this candle was a super project! It is a stunning and heartfelt gift idea for anytime of the year!

Don’t forget the Homemade with Love gift tags and this handmade bird house is a great parent and child project that also makes a special gift.

DIY Christmas Gift childs artwork candleDIY Christmas Gift childs artwork candle

Create beautiful candle art! With these step by step instructions, you can easily transfer your child’s drawing to a candle with just a few supplies.

Child’s Artwork Candle Supplies

tissue paper (like what you use for gift wrapping)
heat gun (or hair dryer)
wax paper
glass candle holder (optional)

Childs artwork candle supplies

 How to transfer child’s drawing to a candle

Cut a piece of tissue paper that fits all the way around the candle.

childs artwork candle tutorial

Have child draw a picture on the tissue paper. You may need to help teach a younger child how to print on tissue paper. They will need to color and print on tissue carefully to keep it from ripping.

kids artwork candle tutorial

Place tissue paper around the candle and then wrap the candle with wax paper allowing enough extra wax paper to hold.

childs artwork transfer candle

HOw to transfer pictures onto candles

The next step gets hot so put on a glove to protect your fingers.  Use a heat gun to slightly melt the wax. It doesn’t take much heat for the tissue paper to melt into the candle. The candle should not become drippy. Look for a slight color change and move gun to next area of drawing.  Continue all the way around the candle until the tissue paper is completely adhered to the candle.

how to transfer image to candle

The drawing will be totally transferred to the side of the candle. These handrawn flowers will make a beautiful mother’s day gift and you can even add a name to create darling personalized gifts.

tranfer drawing to candle

These handmade photo candles are such a sweet gift and a great way to include a young child on the fun of gift-giving. When the see you transfer a photo they created, they will definitely be delighted!

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  1. Jacob, I haven’t tried this but it makes sense that colored pieces of tissue paper would also melt/adhere to the side of the candle to make colored designs. If you give it a try let us know.

  2. Hi,

    This was a great project for my six year old to make Mother’s Day gifts for the grandmas.
    BUT…. My mother in law told me her candle seems to have exploded towards the end while lit. She was not in the room when it happened, but she stared to smell something weird. She found the candle wax all over the counter, on the floor and even up on the cabinet doors right above where the candle was. Not sure if this has happened to anyone else, but please make sure to use caution ( as you would with any candles that are burning) and keep and eye on it.

  3. Okay, so I tried the candle picture thing and it didn’t work at all. Did it work for anybody else?

  4. Is there any tissue left over that may catch fire? Or does the wax from the wax paper help it adhere to the candles?

  5. Love the craft but I have a question. Do you peel the tissue paper off at the end? Or do you take an exacto knife and cut the excess away?

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