We are so excited that school is starting! Part of our back to school routine is getting a new backpack. The best part about this backpack is that is can be decorated!

DIY Decorated Backpack

My daughter saw this fabulous backpack at Michaels and couldn’t wait to bring it home.  I was totally impressed with how Michaels is ready for back to school!

Did you know that Michaels offers a 15 percent discount for teachers every day. Your local store can fill you in on all the details.

If you are a teacher or  leader in charge of activities for a crowd and need a large quantity of one back to school item but don’t see enough on the shelves, just ask. Michaels offers a bulk ordering program where you can order as many supplies as you need and save up to 20 percent.

I also love the Michaels app. I no longer have to save or look for coupons. The latest deals and coupons are right on my phone.

Michaels back to school adventure

While at Michaels we grabbed a back pack, fabric markers and of course some bling.

how to decorate a back pack

I loved how simple the iron-on rhinestones were to use. Simply place them where you want on the fabric.

how to decorate a back pack step 1

Iron from the back side according to manufacture instructions.

how to decorate a back pack step 2

Once cool, peel of the plastic.

how to decorate a back pack step 3

Tadah! You have bling!

how to decorate a back pack step 4

Bella also wanted to give her new backpack some embellishments and add her name. Sometimes it can be hard to get letters placed correctly so I had her use a piece of chalk to write out her name first. This also took the pressure off of knowing the markers are permanent.

how to decorate a back pack step 5

Bella then went over the lines with a fabric marker.

how to decorate a back pack step 6

Once she started she couldn’t stop. She loved coloring on her backpack.

how to decorate a back pack step 7

Yes, in the future we might have that talk about editing and less is more, but for now she is so very proud of her masterpiece. She can’t wait for school to start!

Back to school Backpack


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  1. The bag looks beautiful but a child should not have her name prominently displayed on clothing or backpacks. A stranger could call her over and call her by her name and pretend to know her family.

  2. Bella looks so grown up here!! This is the perfect project to get my girls excited about school!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I’ve been following your site for a long while. All threw the years I’ve printed many of your projects witch included your darling daughter.
    Todays picture permits us to discover Bella starting to look like a promising teen. What a beauty!!

    (I like the bag also, lol)

  4. Love her backpack! My children are the same way. Our school system requires mesh or clear backpacks. 🙁

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