You won’t believe what I used to make this DIY denim cross body bag. Michaels has named denim the craft trend of 2015! Denim has always been a wardrobe staple and now it’s emerging in crafts and home décor.   I was challenged to make something with all the new supplies now at Michaels.

DIY Denim pocket pouch

My little girl’s wardrobe consists mainly of pocketless pants. This poses a problem if she goes somewhere and needs a few dollars, lip gloss or tissues to carry along. This cross body pouch is the perfect solution.

denim cross body bag

Denim Cross Body Bag Supplies

You won’t believe it but this little zippered pouch was made from a denim pocket garland and roll of denim.

1 roll of Ashland Denim
2 Denim pockets from a package of Denim Garland
1 zipper
sewing machine

denim cross body bag supplies

How to make a denim cross body bag

First lets start with the strap.  Measure how long the strap needs to be. Cut the roll of denim in half to the desired length.

denim cross body bag strap

Press strip in half. Open back up and press each side to the middle. Next, fold in half. Stitch along the edge.

How to make a strap

How to put in a zipper

Lay one pocket right side up along the zipper. Sew along the zipper.

How to put in a zipper

On the second denim pocket pin the strap ends to the top edges on the wrong side.

denim pouch stap detail

Place the second pocket right side up along the other side of the zipper and stitch along the zipper.

denim pouch zipper how to

Bring wrong sides of pockets together lining up the edges. Sew down one side, along the bottom and back up the other side. Trim zipper and trim of pocket even with the edge. TaDah! How easy was that!

denim cross body zippered bag

These little denim pockets also make trendy zippered pouches, just leave off the strap.

zippered denim pocket pouch

If you’re looking for some spring project inspiration, take a look at Michaels’ new Make Market line for DIY project and home décor ideas – all made with simple, on-trend surfaces and textures like chalk, denim, galvanized, burlap and cork.

Denim at Michaels

Michaels Makers readers are getting the inside scoop on an upcoming craft contest that will send one lucky participant on the trip of a lifetime to Paris. Check back on my blog March 2 to get all the details on how to enter.

Check out how my friends are crafting with denim.

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