This little DIY Embossed pendant along with many more was a snap to make. I am (well my daughter took it over for this project) crafting all week with the cuttlebug. My eight year old was able to complete this project on her own (well I did have to fasten the jump ring).

embossed pendant tutorial

We used the precut metal shapes, various embossing sleeve, chain necklace, jump rings, spray paint and a metal punch.

embossed pendant supples

First Bella placed the metal shape between the embossing sleeve.

embossed pendant step 1

She then placed the embossing sleeve between the plastic carriers.

embossed pendant step 2

….and then turned the crank to move it through.

embossed pendant step 3

It is so cool how it perfectly embosses the metal. Here is one of the MANY shapes she made!

embossed pendant cuttlebug

She then gave the metal shape a coat of spray paint and punched a hole for the jump ring.

embossed pendant step 5

So easy! and ummmmm we are starting to look a bit like Mr. T around here!

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  1. Too cute, a must for my craft room collections. My daughters and I will be making these.

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