Make DIY Hot Cocoa Bombs, a perfect gift to show friends how thankful you are for them.

cocoa bombs package that say you're the bomb and so very thankful for you
So Very Thankful for You! Hot Cocoa Bombs

Cocoa bombs are a delicious, easy-to-make treat. They are also perfect for holiday gifts with my Christmas Cocoa bomb packaging and Valentine tags. Who doesn’t love to hear they are the bomb?

Fall Hot Cocoa Bombs

Get creative when coming up with fun ways to give your loved one’s a gift. One great idea is making these hot cocoa bombs that are perfect for sipping on cold winter nights snuggled under a warm blanket next to the fireplace. The best part about these treats is how simple they are to make.

cocoa bomb with fall sprinkles
Hot Cocoa Chocolate Bomb

Hot Cocoa Bomb Supplies

cocoa bomb supplies hot chocolate mix cocoa bomv mold sprinkles melting chocolate

Cocoa Bomb Recipe

Place 3 cups of chocolate melts in a microwave-safe bowl, heat on 50% power in the microwave for 3-5 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds until melted. Slowly melting the chocolate will help it release from the mold and keep it shiny.

melted chocolate and hot chocolate mold

Use a spoon to scoop the melted chocolate into the half circles on the silicone mold, one at a time. Spread the chocolate evenly onto the sides and bottom of the mold until completely coated in melted chocolate. Do the same to all 6 half circles.

Place the silicone molds into the freezer for 2-3 minutes. Remove from the freezer and add a second layer of melted chocolate to the half circles of the molds, especially on the edges.

melted chocolate in cocoa bomb mold

Freeze again for another couple of minutes until the chocolate is completely set. Carefully stretch the silicone molds to remove the half-circles from the mold.

Food-safe gloves can help minimize fingerprints. Another tip is to make sure hands are cool this will also help from leaving fingerprints.

chocolate halves with hot cocoa mix

Add 1 packet of hot cocoa mix to 1 side of the chocolate half, x 3 if you are making 3 hot cocoa bombs. Keep chocolate shells from moving by placing the silicone chocolate mold upside down and placing the rounded sides in between the molds as a stand while filling.

You can add mini marshmallows if you like.

hot chocolate cocoa bomb filled with hot chocolate mix

Reheat the chocolate if it has hardened and add about 4 tablespoons to a decorating bag.
Cut a small tip off the decorating bag and frost the edge of one half chocolate circle. Carefully and quickly add an empty chocolate circle on top to make a sphere and hold it in place for 15 seconds or until the chocolate has acted like glue and hardened.

chocolate cocoa bombs with sprinkles to side and pastry bag with melted chocolate to side

Drizzle melted chocolate on top of the chocolate spheres with the piping bag.

hot chocolate bomb with melted chocolate piped on tops

Top with sprinkles.

cocoa bombs sprinkled with fall sprinkles

Beautiful fall-themed hot chocolate bombs!

hot chocolate cocoa bombs with fall sprinkles
Chocolate Cocoa Bombs

Place the chocolate bomb into a mug and pour hot milk or water over the bomb and stir. Once it has melted you will have a delicious cup of hot chocolate!

How to Gift Hot Chocolate Bombs

Download and print the printable in color on white cardstock. Cut, fold, and place in a 4 x 4-inch cello bag.

cocoa bomb free printable packaging so very thankful for you

Tie with ribbon and give!

hot chocolate bomb in cello bag

What a sweet way to let friends know how thankful you are for them!

hot chocolate cocoa bombs packaged with you're the bomb and so very thankful for you tags

More Ways to Show Gratitude for Friends

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  1. Hot cocoa bombs have become our favorite!! My kids are obsessed! They will love being able to help me make these!

  2. These are adorable and I’m sure delicious! I can’t wait to make them with my little ones!

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