Hi! I’m Kimbo from A girl and a glue gun and I have a super fun and easy way to embellish a pillow!

I do know how to sew…but sequins are a bit out of my skill zone. And I knew I wanted a cute DIY Hot Glue Sequin Pillow for my cat obsessed daughter..So I turned to hot glue!!!

hot glue sequin embellished pillow


Sketch out your basic design. If you aren’t artsy…you could print this out on a paper and place underneath your fabric and trace…sketch out design


You can go here and see the video of me hot gluing it! But work in about inch sections…So the glue doesn’t have time to harden before you get your sequins in place. Lay a string of glue and place your sequins along the lines that you have drawn.adtech glue gun

(There are a couple other adhesives that work with fabric that you could use…but I AM a girl and a glue gun! and I love that hot glue dries fast! )

Quick hot glue tip: Hit your project with your blow dryer and it will make those “glue gun hairs” disappear!

sequins with hot glue

After it was done I sewed on a back (tough decision between the plaid and polka dots) pillow

I love that I can flip it over for a completely different look!front and back hot glue pillow

And let’s be real–You could totally add a fun embellishment to a store bought pillow!meow kitty pillowIt’s a perfect addition to my daughters room!cute custom pillow with sequins

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