This DIY Invisible Ink is a great way to entertain your kids and have fun with household science.  Kids will love making it and watching it disapear! It’s so simple you probably have all the ingredients already in your cupboard! For more summer kids crafts check out my tutorials on how to make oobleck.

Let’s get started!

DIY Invisible Ink Supplies

Baking soda
Grape Juice Concentrate
Paint Brush

DIY invisible ink supplies


How to make invisible ink


Mix equal parts baking soda and water. Stir well.  Dip your paint brush in the solution and write your secret message.

DIY secret messages

Use grape juice concentrate and paint your paper, your secret message will be revealed!

DIY invisible ink

Here is a video so you can see how it works…

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  1. Iam from the old old school where invention made from the kitchen. this is an old fun thing for the children ( of all age )

  2. This is a great idea Cindy. I can’t wait to send my grand-daughters secret messages in the mail.
    This will be a really cool thing for us to do – our own secret messages that Mom and Dad won’t be
    privy too. They will LOVE that.
    Thank you.

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