This Mason jar pin cushion makes the perfect little gift for a sewing friend. Let them know they really measure up with this sewing kit in a jar!

I love little clever saying gifts! Do you? This sock gift is another puntastic gift that lets someone know that they knock your socks off and you appreciate all they do.mason jar pin cushion

Supplies for Mason Jar Pin Cushion

  • 1 Mason jar
  • fiberfill
  • fabric, circle 1 inch larger than the jar lid
  • hot glue
  • ribbon
  • gift tag down load
  • sewing notions to fill the jar, of course, you will need a measuring tape

sewing kit in a jar supplies

I was inspired to make this gift because of the pretty little measuring tapes I found at Michaels. It pairs perfectly with my “you really measure up” gift tag.

{You Really Measure Up Gift Tag}

you measure up gift idea

How to Make a Mason Jar Pin Cushion

Cut a piece of fabric 1 inch larger than the lid.

how to make sewing kit jar

Place fiberfill on top of the wrong side of the fabric and bring it to the back of the lid.  Fasten with a small amount of hot glue.  It is important to not get to much glue.  This will keep the lid from fitting on the jar.  Working from opposite sides helps make a smooth top.

DIY mason jar sewing kit

Continue around the lid until all the fabric is secure.  It is important to work as neatly and smoothly as possible so the lid fits when you are finished.

how make pin cushion jar

Slip the jar ring around the fabric-covered lid. Press it in firmly. That’s it! You are done.  Cover inside of the lid with a circle of lightweight card-stock to finish it off.  It is important to keep layers as thin as possible so jar lid fits on the jar.

DIY pin cushion jar

Fill the jar with your favorite notions, stick a few heart pins into the pincushion, and attach the gift tag. A sweet way to let your friend know that they really measure up!

mason jar sewing kit

Love these Gift Tags?

Grab a whole set of tags these tags in my shop. You will find 20 tags with cute sayings perfect for teachers and many for friends.

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