This No Sew Frozen Cape can be made in about 15 mins! Lets say thirty minutes if you have to run to the store for the felt.  Bella was invited to a Frozen Birthday party and was asked to go in character.  She decided to go as Olaf and I made a nose.  After she saw the nose she said, “I would rather be Anna!” Oh No!  I looked at the clock and had 45 mins before the party started. I went to the fabric store and grabbed some felt and came home and cut and glued and she arrived as Anna right on time for the party!

no sew frozen cape

Supplies for No Sew Frozen Cape

2 yards 72 inch wide craft felt
2 – 28 inch long pieces of ribbon
2 yards decorative trim (pom pom fringe or fur trim)
glue gun
sharp scissors

How to make a Frozen Cape

Lay out felt with fold on the right side..

frozen cape tutorial step 1

Fold over the top left corner to right side.

frozen cape tutorial step 2

Carefully flip felt over and fold again.

frozen cape tutorial step 3With sharp scissors cut an arc through all layers of felt. If it is too difficult open felt up one fold and cut the arc.

cutting frozen cape

Open up felt one fold and cut an arc at the top for the neck hole. Main part of cape is now finished!

frozen cape cutting neck

How to make the capelet

Lay out extra felt.

capelet tutorial step 1

Fold felt over and cut an arc.

capelet cutting instructions

Cut an arc at the top for the neck. Try to make it the same arc as the main cape so the neck areas will match up.

frozen cape cutting instructions

With scissors round off non folded edge of capelet.

shaping Frozen capelet instructions

Hot glue decorative trim along the outside edge of the capelet. This can also be sewn.

decorative trim for capelet

Lay capelet on top of large cape.  Sandwich a length of ribbon on each side of the neck. Place hot glue in between the layers of felt along neck, making sure to to secure the ribbon ties with glue.

Frozen cape tutorial

Finished! Let it go!

no sew frozen cape


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