DIY Party Hat

These DIY Party Hats add a personal touch to your party.

DIY Party Hats
All you need is some pretty card-stock, hot glue, crepe paper streamers, stickers and hot glue.

DIY Party Hat Supplies

Download party hat template. Cut party hat from pretty card-stock. Overlap side edges about 1/2 inch and glue with hot glue.

Party Hat Template Download

DIY Party Hat Step 1

For the front medallion take about a yard of crepe paper streamer and gather the edge. This can be done easily on a sewing machine. If you don’t have a sewing machine the crepe paper can be gathered directly onto the card-stock circle with hot glue.

gathering crepe paper on a sewing machine

gathered crepe paper

Cut about a 2 inch circle from card-stock. A 2 inch scalloped punch works great for this. Hot glue the crepe paper to the back of the the circle.

DIY Party Hat Step 2

This is the back view.

DIY Party Step 3

Add a sticker or embelishment to the center of the 2 inch circle. Hot glue the medallion to the front of the hat.

DIY Party Hat Step 4

Add a tassel to the top of the hat by taking about an 8 inch piece of crepe paper and cutting slits along one edge.

DIY Party Hat step 5

Roll it up.

DIY Party Hat Step 6

Hot glue tassel to the top of the hat.

DIY Party Hat 7

Festive party hats that can be customized for any party theme!

DIY Party Hats Tutorial

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