Have some fun this year by creating your very own DIY scratch-off lottery tickets! They will be perfect to share with friends. Not only are they incredibly easy to make at home but they also provide an element of surprise.

My son took these “Lottery Tickets” to school.  They were fun to make.

scratch off valentine card

Grab a few simple supplies and get ready to make cute lotto scratch-off tickets for Valentine’s day.

Lottery Scratch Off Ticket Supplies

How to Make Scratch Off Cards

I printed the tickets on card stock,  cut them out, and then covered them with clear laminate (contact paper).


I  made a little heart stencil out of sticky backed shelf liner (this is just slightly sticky). Place it over the scratch-off area.


Paint the inside of the stencil with acrylic paint. Many tutorials add a drop of dish soap to the paint, however, I had no trouble scratching off the dried paint to reveal the message.


It takes about two coats.  It worked better if I removed the stencil while the paint was slightly wet.  If some of the paint comes off it can be touched up later.  When I had problems with the words showing through I just went in with a small paintbrush and gave the words another coat.


Trim edges and cut the tickets apart.


My son gave everyone a penny along with his Valentine to scratch off the message.


Before you roll your eyes and think these were way too much work—–please note that my son is in 6th grade. We have hit the end of the road for valentines! This was my last hurrah!

Getting in the Valentine’s Day spirit often means making your own cards, decorations, and gifts.

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  1. Doesn’t matter how old you are, Valentine scratch offs are great at any age. Thanks for the tip where to get the scratch-off ink. Good luck with your teenager!

  2. only in the 6th grade??? his last valentines??? im in the eighth grade and i still love valentine!! <3 is so cute and sweet and oh so much fun!!

  3. Wish me luck, I just bought all the right tools to make the valentines scratcher for my guy <3 I hope
    I do it right!
    …I bought card stock and am going to hand write (no printer at home and it's a bit too racy/naughty to print out at kinkos!) hehe. I can write it in with a felt tip pen and then paint over that… Correct?!
    Oh I'm so nervous! I have NO artistic talent.. Lol
    Here I go 😉

  4. Thanks for the great idea. Keep goin’ girl, doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Good luck with your child in junior high!

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