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Hi all you SKIP TO MY LOU readers!!!

I’m Gillian Greding from SEASONS GREDINGS and I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to be visiting here today!

Seriously– I’m pretty much freaking out! YAY!

Being that my blog is all about the seasons and holidays, I decided to bring you a


just in time to make for the Halloween season!

scary headband

baby halloween accessory

spooky hair clip


black felt

hot glue

skinny feathers

lace headband or any headband

spider web ring


Cut about 7 three inch circles (or kind of circles) out of felt

Fold circle in half

Then fold in half again forming a bud

Put threaded needle (tied in a knot on one end) through the bottom of the bud

Tie thread in a knot and now both sides of the bud are knotted

Thread another bud onto the needle

Pull bud next to the other bud and tie in another knot

Continue to do this knotting along the way until a flower forms

Then tie a final knot and cut the tail off

Cut another circle of felt, add glue and adhere it to the bottom of the flower

Make 2 flowers

Glue feathers onto the back of the flowers

Glue flowers together sideways

Cut a rectangle of netting and pinch in the middle

Add glue to the bottom of the two flowers and add netting

Glue a charm or ring onto the flowers

Add glue to the headband

Glue flowers to the headband

Cut a rectangle of felt the size of your flower base

Glue the rectangle to the back of the flower and headband to hide the mess

Ta Da!

A spooky, show-stopping headband filled with Halloween splendor!

halloween accessory

spider web hair accessory

halloween baby

Thanks so much for checking out my tutorial!

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Thanks for letting me stop by, Skip To My Lou!

I had a SPOOKTACULAR time!

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  1. This is SO cute. Love the headband & the model!! And your site is amazing as well!!! 🙂

  2. I adore Gillian! I think she is sassy and crafty and I love what she’s up to these days. Thanks for sharing her work…great fun!

  3. LOVE this cute and festive headband! Gillian is one of my favorite new craft bloggers, so excited to see her on your fab site! I am totally pinning this project 🙂

  4. OMG!! I am NOT into headbands but THIS one is just too cute to not notice!!!! I am going to make one for me!!! Love your Lil Model!! She is Absolutely Adoreable!!!!!

  5. That headband is too cute. I have to admit I first read it as “headboard” and wondered why one would want a spooky headboard. Then as I looked at it I thought that looks like a chair to me. When I got to instructions, I finally read it correctly. Love the chair set up too.

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