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What is “Greek” yogurt?

Oikos Greek yogurt is a creamy-thick yogurt, made in the authentic Greek manner by straining out some of the whey, or liquid portion of the yogurt, leaving more of the milk solids. This process produces a wonderfully thick yogurt that increases the intensity of the natural tart flavor. The taste also is influenced by the culture used in the process.  Its production requires 3 times the amount of milk used to make regular yogurt.

How does “Greek” yogurt taste?

I love  tangy  flavor and smooth consistency of Greek yogurt. Normally, I buy it plain and top it with fruit and granola (I love this low fat granola recipe). Lately I have been enjoying these individual cups with fruit on the bottom!

These cups of Oikos  Fruit on the Bottom Greek yogurt contain 0% fat and are excellent source of protein, twice that of most regular lowfat yogurts. They make the perfect healthy snack!

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  1. My first taste was a little too tart, so I mixed it with fruit and what a wonderful food. Now it will be my go to.

  2. Ive been seeing alot about Greek yogurt, and it sounds wonderful!
    Thanks for reminding me to put it on my grocery list today!

    Have a great Holiday weekend!

  3. I love greek yougurt too. I buy it from one of the warehouse stores who now has a off brand. Almost twice the amount of yogurt for just a little more. Regular yogurt now taste like a dessert.

  4. SO basically Greek Yogurt is nothing more than plain, strained yogurt?
    We called it “yogurt cheese” after letting it sit in the fridge in a cheesecloth strainer over night.

    Weren’t we clever?!

  5. Oh, how great! I´m from Germany and DANONE is a german yogurt company but unfortunately this greek yogurt isn´t available in our supermarkets 🙁

  6. Oh, how great! I´m from germany and DANONE is a german yogurt company but unfortunately this yogurt isn´t available in our supermarkets 🙁

  7. I didn’t realize how Greek yogurt was made but I really enjoy the thick consistency and rich flavor.

  8. I mix pureed fruit or baby food (1st stage) into Greek yogurt so my daughter has a different flavor of Greek yogurt every day. She gets the extra protein and no added sugars because of how I flavor it!

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