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Name.Kitchen has asked me to tell you about something exciting. Did you realize that you have many options when naming your space on the web?  Kirsten and Christopher Shockey are small business owners who are currently using the new not-com domain extensions to make their business stand out.  Name.Kitchen says, “They call themselves ‘Fermentistas’ and serve as ambassadors to the ancient art of fermentation — a natural chemical process that preserves food and is best known for producing wine, yogurt, cheese and vegetable dishes such as sauerkraut and kimchi.”


Entrepreneurs Kirsten and Christopher Shockey (Photo: Kirsten Shockey)

Because of these new not-com options they were able to pick a not-com that fit them perfectly, Fermentista.Kitchen.  To make sure everyone knows that Fermentista is about what we do in our kitchens “dot-kitchen” works beautifully!   From one glance we know that they are about fermenting foods because of their clever not-com. How cool to have a way to immediately describe their business. They want to showcase the idea that fermentation is really easy and really accessible in your life and since taste and flavor is super important dot-kitchen helped them show pickling as a culinary art.

Their website is vital in growing their business. It helps them to connect with people elsewhere.  They get folks that ask, “Hey, are you going to be in (whatever town they live in)? We’d love to get you to come do a class.” There are no boundaries on where they can go and how they can grow! How exciting.

Fermentista.Kitchen 3

Pickled asparagus … yum! (Photo: Kirsten Shockey)

Kirsten and Christopher are teaching the world how to make sauerkraut, one class at a time. Interest in pickling is really growing and they are growing a unique business off this pickling revival. We are now learning that the health benefits of fermented foods are amazing! A serving can offer as much probiotics as a whole bottle of the little pills. Our bodies can also receive more nutrients out of the vegetable than before it was fermented. Wow! This new interest in fermentation has opened more ways for the Shockys to share their love of pickling. They can now utilize their website to promote their new book. You can catch a sneak peek here and pre-order here.

Fermentista.Kitchen 2

Kirsten Shockey leads a class on fermenting vegetables. (Photo: Kirsten Shockey)

Choosing a great name for your business is an important decision as it will hopefully describe your business and draw people to you. There are now hundreds of new “not-com” choices available today – everything from .COFFEE to .PIZZA to .LIFE, that allow you to create a memorable and meaningful domain name.If you have always wanted to start your own business is there to give you some name inspiration. Name.Kitchen offers tips and advice to help you jump-start the name brainstorm. Discover these tools and tips at naming tools.

Ready to start cooking up your own business and serving up success?  You can claim your name with Name.Kitchen here.

This is a sponsored post all opinions are my own!


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  1. Hello,
    I recently received 2 0f your books with moderate excitement, so I could continue on doing my fermentation of chiles, beets, kraut, etc, all products grown naturally on my 45 acre beefalo farm here in conservative NH. I was particularly interested in different types of fermantation vessels and your books were helpful. I have learned that whatever system you use, you must tend the fermentation for non mold, slime, safe success.
    Unfortunately, I was immediately taken back by the term fermentistas. Although I did not search further for a definition, the term immediately issues shades of Che Guvera, the hammer and the syckle, and other not so pleasant jungle gorilllas. I am college educated in engineering, and quite frankly find the term heavy handed. Just thought I would let you know that not all of us think Oregon, and in business, selling things to folks spending their hard earned money should not have political connotations to be discovered after purchase.
    John Baybutt

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