Our free printable dolphin coloring pages are a great way to let your little artist explore bright colors and different shades while learning about different species of dolphins, one of the most beautiful creatures and most popular animals in the sea.

These coloring pages are not just for fun; they’re very beneficial for young kids too! They are the best way to improve fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and color recognition, all while coloring these social animals.

Skip to my Lou - Dolphin Coloring Pages - Line drawing of a dolphin surrounded by bubbles
These free dolphin printables are a fun way to relax

Come along with us at Skip to My Lou and dive into a universe filled with delightful and captivating family activities! Our easy-to-follow guides on sketching, coloring, and crafting pave the way for creating unforgettable moments while bonding as a family.

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Art Supplies for Dolphin Coloring Pages

Before you start drawing, collect these supplies:

Free Dolphin Coloring Pages

These cute dolphin coloring pages are designed for kids of all ages. Younger kids will have a great time filling in these simple outlines, while older kids can take the opportunity to research these sea creatures and use more realistic colors. So, let’s dive in and have a sea of fun!

Dolphins with Bubbles Coloring Page

Dolphin Coloring Page 1 - A pair of dolphins surrounded by bubbles
Download this free printable dolphin coloring sheet now!

Baby Dolphin Coloring Page

Dolphin Coloring Page 2 - Dolphin surrounded by bubbles
Use your favorite colors for this baby dolphin!

Jumping Dolphin Coloring Page

Dolphin Coloring Page 3 - Dolphin jumping out of ocean with birds and sun in background
This dolphin can jump so high!

Dolphin Jumping in Sea Coloring Page

Dolphin Coloring Page 4 - Dolphin emerging from ocean with a splash. Clouds in background
Emerging from the ocean water with a splash!

Dolphin with Seaweed Coloring Page

Dolphin Coloring Page 5 - Dolphin on ocean floor with seaweed in background
Underwater with some seaweed

Underwater Dolphin Coloring Page

Dolphin Coloring Page 6 - Dolphin on ocean floor, seaweed and bubbles in background.
Let’s color one of these intelligent mammals

Cute Dolphin Coloring Page

Dolphin Coloring Page 7 - Jumping dolphin with clouds, bubbles, and birds in the background
Bubbles and a splash!

Dolphin with Cloud Coloring Page

Dolphin Coloring Page 8 - Dolphin with patterned back, with bubbles in background
This Chinese river dolphin is ready to be colored

Big Dolphin Coloring Page

Dolphin Coloring Page 9 - Underwater dolphin surrounded by bubbles
A happy dolphin at the bottom of the ocean

Big Jump Dolphin Coloring Page

Dolphin Coloring Page 10 - Dolphin making a giant leap with a ball on nose, clouds in background
A dolphin doing a giant leap

Bottlenose Dolphins Coloring Page

Dolphin Coloring Page 11 - Two dolphins jumping put of the water, one with a hula hoop. Palm trees and clouds in the background
This dolphin couple is playing

Undersea Dolphin Coloring Page

Dolphin Coloring Page 12 - Realistic looking dolphin deep underwater, with seaweed, bubbles, and the ocean current in the background
There’s one happy dolphin on this ocean coloring page

Download, Print, and Color

You have the chance to grab each of these free printable dolphin coloring pages in PDF format. To get your printable sheet, simply click on the link to the PDF file before each page. You can download the whole collection of free dolphin coloring pages here.

More Fun Coloring Pages Activities

If you’re on the hunt for even more printable coloring pages, we’ve got lots of options right here:

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