Dragons are our favorite mysterious creatures found in both Eastern and Western mythologies. So, without further ado, I give you my 15 free Dragon coloring pages featuring these legendary creatures for kids of all ages to print and color!

Black and white horned, winged dragon with a sharp, pointed tongue sticking out of its mouth, by Skip to my Lou.
Free Printable Dragon Coloring Page

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In this collection of 15 coloring sheets, there are fire breathing dragons for older kids. In addition, there are good luck Dragons representing the Chinese culture to honor Chinese New Year. And finally, there are cute and easy pictures for preschoolers like a baby dragon! So, just download these printable dragon coloring sheets and enter the land of these mythical creatures!

Free Printable Dragon Coloring Pages

Fierce looking Chinese dragon in black and white with a flaming tail and sharp claws on its toes, by Skip to my Lou.
Detailed Dragon Coloring Page

Dancing Dragons

Black and white dragon mandala with feathery hair, mandala-patterned wings and claws on its feet, by Skip to my Lou.
Beautiful Dragon with detailed patterns
Black and white drawing of a winged dragon with a barbed tail, three claws on each foot and a long curving tongue sticking out, by Skip to my Lou.
Dragon with Wings
Cute seated dragon with a smile on its face. Friendly looking coloring page for younger kids, by Skip to my Lou.
Cute Dragon
Friendly looking fire breathing dragon coloring page in black and white, by Skip to my Lou.
Friendly Dragon with Fireball
Black and white coloring page with a crocodilian reptile creature with a spiked mouth and back, standing at the edge of the swamp, by Skip to my Lou.

Cartoon Dragon Coloring Page

Dragon coloring pages are always popular with kids of all ages but these simple cartoon dragon coloring pages are perfect for little kids. The simple designs are easy for little fingers to color, and the illustrations are cute and fun.

Just click on the image and choose your favorite one.

simple dragon coloring page sitting
walking dragon with wings
standing dragon with wings
dragon with horns
back of dragon
fire breathing dragon
front of dragon coloring page
side view of dragon
dragon rubbing his belly
dragon coloring sheet preschool
cute dragon
cute walking dragon
sitting dragon simple coloring page
dragon in egg
cute sitting dragon
LIttle Dragon Coloring Page

Coloring Dragons, Are We? Here are my Favorite Supplies

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Before You Fly Away

Before you go, I’d like to thank you for stopping by for a creativity break with me today! I find coloring such a fun way to relax and have my own little art celebration! Please leave me a comment below about your favorite dragon and also take a look at these other ideas!

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