Duct Tape Crafts are all the rage these days and so this summer I wanted to see if making a duct tape wallet was as easy as it looks.  If you too have always wondered how to make a duct tape wallet we will show you how with this step by step tutorialWe’ve seen these cool duct tape wallets floating around the neighborhood and think they are the perfect DIY project for tweens. You’ll need a few supplies, at least an hour for the first wallet to allow for a few hiccups and then some fun items to fill your wallet with!

Duct Tape Wallet

Duct Tape Wallet Supplies

  • At Least 2-3 Colors of Duct Tape {you can use more colors if you want!}
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Cutting Tool or Razor Blade

DIY Duct Tape Wallet

How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet

Step 1:

Make a 7″x9″ double sided sheet of duct tape.  To do this, overlap strips of duct tape until you have a 7″x9″ sheet.  Make 2 sheets.  Then stick the sheets back to back with the sticky sides facing each other.  Cut off any excess adhesive, because unless you are amazing, you’ll have a little extra, because it’s almost impossible to stick the sides together perfectly.  {{smiling}}

how to make duct tape wallet

Step 2:

Fold the sheet horizontally and then put a coordinating colored strip of duct tape along the outer edges.  Be sure to leave the top open, because that’s where you put your dollar bills.

Making a duct tape wallet

Step 3:  

Now you want to make your pockets.  You can make pockets on both sides of your wallet or just one.  You can also make as many slots or as little as you’d like.  We just made pockets on one side, and stuck with 2 pockets.  To make the pockets, you will first cover the side or sides of the wallet where you plan on having the pockets with duct tape in the color you want the pockets.  It should be 3.5″ x 4″.   Then, you’ll want to make your pockets.  These need to be double sided tape pieces.  The first one will be  2.5″ x 4″, the second will be 2″ x 4″.

Make a wallet out of duct tape

Step 4:

Cover the sides and bottom of the pockets with your third color duct tape, leaving the top open so that you can side cards into the pockets.  If you are doing a double sided wallet, repeat Step 3 and 4.

Duct Tape Wallet Steps

Step 5:
Decorate the front of the wallet.  You can get create and do whatever you’d like.  We just used a few diagonal strips of duct tape, but the sky is the limit!
Step 6:
Fill up your wallet with goodies.  Maybe by the end of the summer it’ll be full of money you’ve earned!

Duct Tape Wallet Crafts
And that’s how we made our Duct Tape Wallet.  You can’t really go wrong with duct tape crafts.  There’s always a margin for error and remember,  they don’t have to be perfect.  Cute duct tape wallets just might be the perfect gift card holder for the hard-to-shop-for, preteen birthday gift. Happy Duct Taping! Need something smaller here is a cute duct tape pocket. You might want to whip up a pair of matching flip flops. Love this duct tape flower. Here is a cool duct tape pencil bag and did you know you can even make a duct tape bullwhip.



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  1. When you (or whoever) put the wallet in and out of your pocket, did the outside tape (white) roll up or rub off?

  2. Such a great craft! We recently made a travel-card wallet for Father’s Day from duct tape: so easy and cute too. He uses it every day!

  3. They make duct tape so pretty now!! I never need to buy a wallet again. 🙂 What a fun project!

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