Easter is right around the corner, and whether you celebrate with an Easter dinner, brunch, or just a bunch of snacks. One thing that needs to be included is a charcuterie board! Charcuterie boards have risen to the top of the popular food chart. These Easter charcuterie board ideas will ensure that you are prepared to not only be the center of attention due to your beautiful charcuterie skills but also feed whoever is in attendance.

Whether you are making traditional charcuterie boards or Easter-themed charcuterie boards, you will need some supplies. I’ve rounded up my favorite DIY charcuterie board tools. You’ll find them all below.

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Easter Charcuterie Board Ideas

These Easter charcuterie board ideas are some of the most colorful and delicious boards I have come across while searching for an easy holiday charcuterie board idea. You’ll find everything from soft cheeses to Easter baskets! There’s an idea for everyone.

1. The Ultimate Easter Charcuterie Board That’s Perfect for Spring

Mozie has put together the perfect combination of appetizer and dessert. Not only including fresh vegetables and an array of cheeses. But some chocolate eggs and vanilla and chocolate bunny cookies too.

Easter charcuterie board ideas-mozielife- a pastel colored board with jam for dipping and a basket of chocolate and vanilla Easter bunny cookies.
A colorful and easy Easter board.

2. Easter Charcuterie Board

A beautiful Easter charcuterie board from my modern cookery includes carrot shaped cheese slices, salami roses, and many other food items your guests or family will love.

Easter charcuterie board ideas-mymoderncookery-a charcuterie board with salami roses, different jellies, flower  and carrot-shaped cheese.
A charcuterie board that screams SPRING!

3. Easter Themed Charcuterie Board

Coffee, Pancakes, and Dreams has mixed salty and sweet to create an Easter charcuterie platter that is sure to be a huge hit at your next family gathering.

Easter charcuterie board ideas from coffee pancakes and dreams with a variety of candies, crankers, and a hummus dip.
Is it an appetizer or dessert?

4. How to Make an Easter Charcuterie Board

If you’re looking for an Easter charcuterie board that has visual appeal, you’ll want to check out this appetizer tray from easy weeknight recipes. She has included a variety of meats, fresh fruits and veggies, and some delicious dips. Perfect for your next Easter party.

Easter charcuterie board ideas from easy weeknight recipes that includes deviled eggs, a variety of meat, crackers, and many small bowls of other delicious options.
An Easter charcuterie board that has everything you want or need.


There’s no wrong way to make an easy charcuterie board, and The toasty kitchen has put together a delicious Easter option. This particular board is full of small bites that guests can easily grab and go as they make their way down the food line.

Easter charcuterie board ideas from the toasty kitchen. A board with the average options of fruit, veggies, meat, cheese, and some sweet treats.
A simple and delicious Easter-themed board.

6. Easter Charcuterie Board Appetizer

Everyone loves when good hard-boiled eggs turn into deviled eggs on Easter. Reluctant Entertainer has made these delectable appetizers the centerpiece of her appetizer board. She has also included fruit, veggies, cheese, and even some pastel colors with some M&Ms.

Easter charcuterie board from reluctant entertainer with deviled eggs in the center and a variety of foods surrounding them.
A round board with everything!

7. How to build the Ultimate Easter Cheese Board

An Easter cheese board is the perfect addition to any Easter weekend get-together! Healthy Gluten-Free Family has created a beautiful cheese board that includes a variety of cheeses, crackers, and even some small bowls of Easter treats like jelly beans.

Easter charcuterie board ideas from healthy gluten-free family includes a variety of cheeses, watermelon radishes, jelly beans and more.
A small but delicious charcuterie board.

8. Easter Charcuterie Board

Looking for an Easter charcuterie board idea that has a pop of color? This healthy table has created one that has just that. With a bowl of Easter dyed and painted like colorful robins eggs to a small flower in different corners. This Easter grazing board is perfect.

Easter charcuterie board ideas from this healthy table includes a variety of vegetables and flowers for accent.
A charcuterie board or a work of art?

9. Easter Cheese Board

Fresh fruit, veggies, cured meat, and even some pickled beet eggs make this gorgeous charcuterie board from heartbeet kitchen just as yummy as ever. A large platter will make a great Easter board appetizer and an amazing centerpiece.

Easter charcuterie board ideas from heartbeet kitchen includes fruits, cheeses, and even some pickled beet eggs.
The most perfect Easter charcuterie board idea.

10. Easter Charcuterie Board

If you celebrate the holiday with an Easter breakfast, this Easter brunch board from Devour dinner will make your morning. She has included some breakfast items while adding in some sweet treats like robins eggs, chocolate bunnies, and even some peeps.

Easter charcuterie board ideas from devour dinner that include some delicious dessert options like blood oranges, muffins, candies, and chocolates.
A brunch or dessert board that everyone will love.

11. DIY Easter Charcuterie Board Ideas

Our parents always told us not to play with our food. But charcuterie boards are just too much fun not to! A fun way to serve a simple and easy board is like this one from DIY gifts.

Easter charcuterie board ideas from DIY gifts that is simple enough to eat in one sitting with blueberries, cucumbers, peppers and more in the design of an Easter egg.
Simple and straight to the point.

12. Healthy Easter Charcuterie Board

Healthy foodie is always a great place to go if you are looking for a little history beyond the french word “charcuterie,” and she also makes a deliciously colorful board. It’s not only perfect for Easter but for the spring season too!

Easter charcuterie board ideas from healthy foodie. Including simple fruits like kiwi and dried apricots, hard boiled eggs, and more.
An Easter charcuterie board for a small get-together.

13. Easter Charcuterie Boards for Kids

Have a bunch of kids joining Easter dinner? Detroit Mom has created an Easter charcuterie board that is perfect for kids of all ages. Simple cheese, meat, and some sweet Easter candies are all included.

Easter charcuterie board ideas from Detroit mom that includes kid friendly snacks like veggie chips, chocolate covered pretzels, and bell pepper bowls filled with dips and jelly beans.
A charcuterie board with some kid’s favorites.


A fun Easter charcuterie board that is perfect for an Easter feast, Wanderlust & Wellness has included some macaroons in bright colors with different types of meats and cheese.

Easter charcuterie board ideas from Wanderlust & Wellness that includes macroons, crackers, chocolate dip, fresh veggies and fruit.
A sweet, salty, and healthy Easter charcuterie board.

15. Easter Charcuterie Board

Grab your robin eggs, chocolate bunny, veggies, and even some ranch dip because Healthy Little Peach has created an adorable Easter charcuterie board that includes all of the above and more!

Easter charcuterie board ideas from Healthy Little Peach includes a chocolate bunny, robin eggs, spring cupcakes, and some more traditional charcuterie foods like grapes, crackers, and dip.
A simple mix of dessert and others.

The pastel colors of spring do not go unnoticed on this beautiful charcuterie board from Somewhat Simple. Adding a bit of sweetness to an already sweet holiday, this board is full of Easter cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and so much more.

Easter charcuterie board ideas from Somewhat simple that is a dessert board including brownies, cookies, cinnamon buns and more.
A Easter dessert board that doesn’t disappoint.


Get ready to create one of the brightest charcuterie boards you have ever come across if you decide to try out this Easter charcuterie board from Aleka’s Get-Together. It’s a festive appetizer served on a wooden tray and ready to be eaten.

Easter charcuterie board ideas from Aleka's Get-together is a bright board with colorful hard boiled eggs, a variety of dips and candies.
The brightness of this board is blinding.


Melissa’s Southern Style Kitchen is all about the sweets when it comes to this Easter dessert board. But don’t worry. You’ll still find some fruit in there somewhere next to the delicious fruit dip.

Easter charcuterie board ideas from Melissa's southern style kitchen who makes a dessert board with fruit dip and candies.
A dessert board anyone will eat.

19. Easter Breakfast Charcuterie Board

Easter breakfast is often one of the most delicious meals of the year, and this Easter breakfast board from sugar salt magic will not disappoint. It includes items like hot cross buns, bacon, crumpets, and other yummy options.

Easter charcuterie board ideas from sugar salt magic that includes some brunch options like bacon, biscuits, hot cross buns and more.
Easter breakfast never looked so good.

20. Easter Charcuterie Board

You can’t go wrong with an Easter bunny made out of salami or a carrot-shaped cheese ball. This Easter-themed grazing board from Everyday Shortcuts is the perfect addition to any Easter meal. 

Easte charcuterie board ideas from Everyday shortcuts includes a large cheese ball shaped like a carrot and other traditional charcuterie foods.
Woo Hoo! A carrot-shaped cheese ball!


If you’re in need of a big board for your next Easter charcuterie board appetizer, then take a look at this one from Smack of Flavor. With a more traditional twist, you’ll still find some delicious options.

Easter charcuterie board ideas from smack of flavor that includes a simple layout with a variety of food choices.
A traditional yet delicious option for Easter.


There’s a bunny on this board! A delicious grazing board that is perfect for a small get-together or even a family meal. Living La Vida Holoka has created a simple and easy charcuterie board.

A bunny shaped Easter charcuterie board idea from Living la vida holoka
Small but mighty.

23. Easter Cheese Board

If you look closely, you’ll see an absolutely delicious Easter egg just waiting to be devoured! The Bakermama has gathered a rainbow of foods to ensure everyone has something to eat on this cheese platter.

An Easter egg shaped Easter charcuterie board idea from the bakermama
A rainbow charcuterie Easter egg.


A great charcuterie board that can be made with ingredients from your local grocery store. Nesting with Grace has created a traditional charcuterie board with some yummy Easter candies for a special treat.

A traditional Easter charcuterie board idea from nesting with grace that includes crackers, veggies, dip, and some chocolate bunnies.
A traditional charcuterie board with some sweet Easter additions.


Snowflakes and Coffeecakes Easter charcuterie board may be one of the most colorful charcuterie boards I’ve found for Spring. This festive board includes some traditional items and unique aspects like dragon fruit and fresh strawberry cream cheese dip.

A unique Easter charcuterie board idea from snowflakes and coffeecakes that includes dragonfruit and sweet strawberry cream cheese dip.
A charcuterie board with a unique flair.

26. Easter Cheese and Crudites Board

There are many different ways to prepare an Easter charcuterie board, and Freutcake has created a simple yet beautiful option. She not only includes an array of vegetables but a creamy garlic herb Boursin cheese for dipping.

A pastel colored Easter charcuterie board idea from Freutcake that includes veggies, dips, cracker, and some flowers for decoration.
Bunny tails and crudites make this board Easter-ready.

27. Easter Charcuterie Board

A fun charcuterie board that includes a salami rose, cheese, marshmallow Peeps, edible Easter grass nests, and even some extra sweet springtime chocolate bars. Krazy Kitchen Mom has the perfect mix of salty and sweet for this Easter charcuterie board idea.

A completely edible Easter charcuterie board idea from Krazy kitchen mom that includes a variety of Easter candy, and snacks.
An Easter charcuterie board where even the grass is edible.

28. Easter Cheese Board

Easter eggs are in every corner of this Easter charcuterie board from Kindly Sweet. Fill the plastic ones up with your favorite Easter candy, or leave them empty no matter what you decide. This board is a great way to celebrate the holiday.

A simple, and traditional charcuterie board set up from Kindly sweet.
A simple and sophisticated charcuterie board.


An Easter grazing board that may be mistaken for a candy board from Domestikated Life is part appetizer and part dessert. With colorful candies and an array of veggies, you’ll have it all.

A mix between a charcuterie board that is an appetizer and dessert from Domestikated life.
Is it an Easter appetizer? A dessert? Or both?

30. Easter Charcuterie Board

If you’ve got a large board that is long and can fit a lot of food, then you’re going to want to follow little bits of real food’s lead on this one!

A long and large Easter charcuterie board idea from little bits of real food
A charcuterie board that will feed everyone you invite.

31. Easter Charcuterie Platter

With Avocado Tzatziki Dip and lemon curd for dipping, Lemons For Lulu has quickly taken their Easter charcuterie board from ordinary to extraordinary!

A bright colored Easter charcuterie board from Lemons for lulu with avocado and lemon curb dips.
An Easter charcuterie board with some unique snacks and flavors.

32. Easter Snack Board

This is one Easter candy charcuterie board you do not want to mess with! Carolina Charm includes everything your guests or family will want on this large, in-charge charcuterie board. You’ll find candies, cookies, veggies, fruits, and even some snacks in between!

An Easter charcuterie board idea from Carlonia charm that is dessert with candies, cookies, and more.
A large board that just screams, “Eat ME!”


Chili and Tonic knows that brunch is a common part of an Easter celebration. This Easter brunch board will be a delicious option on the table and allows everyone to pick exactly what they want.

An Easter brunch charcuterie board from Chili and Tonic that includes avocados, hard boiled eggs, and bagels.
An Easter brunch board that will please all.


An easy way to serve an appetizer and dessert at the same time is to follow the diary of a debutante’s lead. A tasty board that will be a great addition to any Easter brunch, lunch, or dinner.

A pastel colored Easter charcuterie board idea from diary of a debutante with veggies, nuts, cheese, and sweet desserts.
A simple, pastel-colored spring charcuterie board.

These Easter charcuterie board ideas are perfect for your next Easter brunch, lunch, or dinner. Just gather your family, friends, or both and celebrate this joyous holiday while enjoying some delicious appetizers, snacks, desserts, and more!

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