This little Easter egg craft turns eggs into cute little animals. This cute Easter craft will keep kids entertained for Easter or make them ahead for the most darling favors on each plate for your Easter dinner. For more ideas for your kids table try these printable egg holders or this felt easter egg crayon holder.  Print out my Easter conversation starters to keep the conversation going during your Easter dinner.

Easter Egg Craft

Download the Easter egg craft printables. Print in color on white cardstock.  Each page will make three animals.

Chick Easter Egg

Pig Easter Egg

Bunny Easter Egg

Easter Egg Craft Printable

Cut out the pieces and grab some plastic eggs (don’t forget to fill them). You will also need a tape roller, glue stick or glue. I like to use a tape roller.

Easter Egg Craft Tutorial

How to make a chick Easter Egg

Cut sliits along the long strip where marked.

Easter Egg Chick Craft 1

Glue the strip together to make a circle just large enough for the egg to sit in.

Easter Egg Chick Craft 2

Glue on wings, beak and googley eyes. A sharpie maker can also be used for eyes.

Easter Egg Chick Craft

How to make an pig Easter egg

Glue four feet pieces to the egg.

Easter Egg Pig Craft 1

Using a pencil curl the tail piece.

Easter Egg Pig Craft 2

Glue head and tail to egg.

Easter Egg Pig Craft

How to make a bunny Easter egg

Glue strip into a circle for egg to sit on.

Easter Egg Craft Bunny 1

Glue on ears and bow tie. Add googley eyes and pom pom nose if you like.  A sharpie marker can also add these details.

Easter Egg Craft Bunny

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  1. I absolutely LOVE your crafts! I do crafts every other week with my grandkids, they also love your crafts. I like when you have different projects that are age appropriate. Keep up the good work!

  2. What a fabulous Easter craft, these would be lovely to give with little gifts inside for presents to nursery friends. A really beautiful and inventive craft. Although my two little girls animals didn’t look quite like this by the end!!! Lucy x

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