An  Easter egg suncatcher is the perfect Easter egg decorations for your home and this is a great kids craft. Your kids are going to love making them!

We have you covered with the craftiest and cutest Easter crafts ideas!  There is something for everyone. Whether you would like to sew up a bunny treat bag or crochet a cute carrot. Not to mention the best free Easter coloring pages. Don’t miss my ULTIMATE egg dying tips.

Easter egg sun catcher on window

How to make Easter Window Decorations

I have the perfect egg shapes to make this Easter craft super easy! You will find decorated eggs and plain eggs if you prefer to create your own designs. This suncatcher craft is great for fine motor skills.

Easter Egg Suncatcher Supplies

  • Egg template
  • copies made on transparencies (or) blank transparency sheets and a sharpie marker
  • scissors
  • markers and or highlighters
  • clear tape or glue dots for hanging

Easter egg transparency and markers

How to Make Easter Egg Sun Catchers

This is a whole new way to make dyed Easter eggs.  No need for boiled eggs needed! The best part is you and your kids will have made festive Easter decor your home.

Download the egg template and print the decorated eggs on clear transparency paper.  I emailed the file to my local copy shop to have this done.  There are three sizes of eggs.

The egg template can also be downloaded and printed on white copy paper. Lay the transparency over the eggs and use them as a guide to trace with a Sharpie marker.

Easter egg transparencies

Cut out the eggs and use markers to color.

orinted egg template and hi lighters

It might take a few layers and there will be a tie dye effect.

easter eggs window decorations

If you prefer a more solid look lightly and the transparency with very fine sandpaper. I sanded the side with the printing ever so lightly to not remove the black printing.  It actualy might be better to give the backside the light sanding to not remove any bits of the black printing.

easter egg sun catchers and sand paper

Try a  variation of this craft that uses a piece of contact paper and paint. These window clings can be cut into silhouette shapes like an Easter bunny and Easter eggs.

I hope you love these Easter suncatchers and make some suncatchers for windows! If you are looking for more creative Easter egg ideas? You will love all these creative Easter egg designs.

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  1. Margie, In the supply this click “Easter Egg Template” It will take you to where they are all. There is a link for a set of decorated eggs templates and a set of plain eggs. Let me know if you have any trouble. You do need to have the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to download these files.

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