Will you do an Easter gift exchange along with an Easter Egg hunt? Use my simple Easter Bunny left right passing game as a wonderful twist at your Easter parties.

The tale of the Easter Bunny getting ready for Easter and the forest animal friends who tried to wake him as he overslept, by Skip to my Lou.
Make Easter memories with this simple passing Easter Bunny game

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How to Play

This Easter left right passing game is so easy and quick to set up! It will fit in so easily with your other Easter activities.

  • Download and print out a copy of the cute Easter Bunny story.
  • Seat guests in a circle with the gift they brought.
  • Everyone is close enough to comfortably pass the prizes to the person on their right side or left side.
  • Listen to the story and when you hear the word left, pass your gift to the left.
  • When you hear the word right, pass the gift in your hand to the person on the right.
  • Choose a reader and let the silliness start.
  • At the end of the story, the gift in your hand is yours to keep!

Whether you are hosting an Easter egg exchange or simply need an Easter party game, I think your guests will enjoy this left-right game.

Easter Left Right Passing Game Story

This is the tale of the Easter Bunny and how he got ready for Easter just in the Knick of time.

Right after the first tulips emerged from their winter sleep, Mrs. Robin left her nest and flew right to the Easter Bunny’s place like she did every year. “Yooo whoo, “she sang. “Easter Bunny, you only have 3 weeks left until the big day! Are you ready?”

Well, Easter Bunny was fast asleep, because he forgot to set his alarm clock the right way. Just then, Mrs. Robin noticed a juicy worm wiggling right behind the tulips and left in a hurry to snatch it up. So, on the Easter Bunny slept.

Oh me, oh my. Only 3 weeks left and Easter Bunny was still asleep! Can we help him wake up? Let’s try!

Everyone say, “Wakey, wakey Easter Bunny! You’re still asleep, and that’s not funny!”

I’m sad to say, this did not work. There is still time left, so let’s see what happens next.

Mr. Mole left his warm snuggly bed to search for delicious grubs and it just so happened, those grubs were right by Easter Bunny’s house. “Mm Mm Yummy,” exclaimed Mr. Mole loudly as he crunched and munched on those grubs. As Mr. Mole sniffed the air for more, he smelled Easter Bunny’s candy instead and thought. Shouldn’t Easter Bunny be busy filling eggs with this candy?

“Where are you, Easter Bunny? Why have you left your candy here? I thought Easter was right around the corner!” (Now you say it with Mr. Mole and maybe we can wake up Easter Bunny this time!) “Where are you, Easter Bunny? Why have you left your candy here? I thought Easter was right around the corner!”

How can the Easter Bunny sleep right through all of this? Mr. Mole gave up and went searching for more yummy things to eat.

Easter Bunny snoozed on, “Zzzzz zzzzz zzzz.” (Make snoring sounds and ask players to make snoring sounds.)

Finally, there was one day left until Easter and all the forest friends realized Easter Bunny was still asleep. They quickly trotted, crawled, flew, and hopped to his bedside and with all their voices combined shouted, “Wakey, wakey for goodness sakey! Easter’s almost here so shake a leggy!” (Now you say it, too! “Wakey, wakey for goodness sakey! Easter’s almost here so shake a leggy!”)

Did it work? Yes, it did! Right out of bed Easter Bunny sprang and right to work he got. The other forest animals pitched in to help and right before the sun rose on Easter morning, the last eggs were delivered.

And that is the story of the sleepy Easter Bunny and his kind forest friends who helped save Easter.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter

Before you Hop Away

Thank you for checking out my Easter right left game today. The Easter Bunny visiting is an eggs – tremely exciting time for kids. Easter chocolate, goodies and jelly beans fill Easter eggs just waiting to be opened and enjoyed.

I’ve got darling ideas for beautiful Easter baskets and sacks that will be perfect for your special Easter family games. Please leave a comment below telling me which one was your favorite.

  • Easter Printables features patterns for adorable sacks, gift tags and a game called You’ve Been Egged where plastic Easter eggs are left to “decorate” someone’s lawn.
  • Cute Easter buckets with printables give you an option besides an Easter egg basket for collecting eggs. These also make sweet centerpieces or yummy gifts.
  • Now for those of you who love to sew! Try this Easter Bunny puppet.
  • Make your own Easter Basket with the help of this free template.
  • Need something for the kid’s table at Easter dinner?

I would love to keep you fully stocked with creative ideas, yummy recipes, fun crafts, and loads of free printables. Subscribe to Skip to my Lou to get new ideas delivered to your inbox. Follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram for all my latest updates.

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