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I’m Mandy from Little Birdie Secrets, a crafty blog featuring kids crafts, recipes, crochet patterns, sewing tutorials, recipes, and more. I’m sharing this darling covered book tutorial that you can make with any fabric, finished off with a cute beaded bookmark. Great for summer reading or back-to-school!

how to make a covered book handmade

Book cloth is a paper-backed cloth that is used in bookbinding. You can find it online and in paper stores like Paper Source. Book cloth is worth using because the paper backing keeps the glue from soaking through the fabric and ruining it. But it can be expensive, and there are few color/print options. So we made our own using fabric, iron-on adhesive, and tissue paper.We used a small book of scriptures for our project, but you can cover any book or notebook you want. Here are the other supplies you’ll need:

Fabric (we tried a decorator’s weight fabric and a quilting cotton and both worked great)
Coordinating fabric or book cloth for binding
Heat ‘n Bond Ultrahold iron-on adhesive
Tissue paper
PVA glue (bookbinding glue–find it at Paper Source or other online retailers)
Foam brush
Metal charms for bookmark (optional–find these in the jewelry aisle at craft stores)
Metal embellishments for cover (optional–ours are by Tim Holtz)
Needle and coordinating thread
Scissors, Exacto knife, rotary cutter and cutting mat

Start by measuring your book. You will need measurements for the cover’s height and width, and the spine’s height and width.

Make Your Own Book Cloth
Iron a piece of fabric about twice the size of your book cover (one piece for front and one piece for back cover). Then, following the manufacturer’s directions, iron on a piece of the Heat ‘n Bond adhesive about the same size as the fabric on the back of your fabric. Peel off the paper. Cover the adhesive with tissue paper and iron press entire area. It will bond quickly–don’t heat for more than a few seconds. Your fabric is now book cloth!


Using an Exacto knife, cut two pieces of chipboard 1/2″ longer than the height 1/4″ shorter than the measurements of the cover.

Cut two pieces of bookcloth 3″ longer and 3″ wider than the chipboard pieces. We used a rotary cutter and quilting ruler to cut it to the specified measurements.

covered book cloth

handmade book cloth

Cut a piece of ribbon that is the length of the spine plus 3″. Tie on any metal charms you wish.

bookmark for covered book

Cut a piece of book cloth that is the same height of the spine and twice the width.

book cover paper tutorial

Glue about 1.5″ of the bookmark ribbon to the top end of the spine. Tuck in the rest inside the book with the charms coming out the bottom so it stays out of the way.

covered book bookmark
Center the spine book cloth on the spine and glue in place with PVA glue using a foam brush, smoothing it down along spine and front and back covers.

covered book paper

Cover the Chipboard
Center a piece of chipboard on the back of the cover book cloth. If you wish to embellish the cover, fold the sides of the book cloth over to crease them and mark the center.

book cover chipboard bookcloth
Sew metal charms or other embellishments to the cover with coordinating thread and a needle.

covered book decorated

decorated book cover tutorial
Spread PVA glue on one side of the chipboard and glue it on the center back of the cover book cloth.

covered book tutorial

tutorial covered chipboard book

Cut the corners off the book cloth in a rounded motion, being careful to leave about 1/8″ of fabric from corners (otherwise chipboard will show on corners on finished cover).

how to cover a book
covered chipboard bookcloth

Apply glue to each flap and fold over, smoothing onto chipboard.

covered chipboard book tutorial
Repeat steps for back cover.

how to cover a book tutorial

Fit chipboard covers to book covers by allowing them to hang over 1/4″ on three sides with about 1/2″ of the spine showing. Apply PVA glue to center of covers and adhere to book covers. You’re done!

how to cover a book handmade bookcloth

handmade bookcloth tutorial book

covered book of mormon tutorial girls camp

kids craft covered book tutorial

We hope you love this craft and will try it to turn a few of your kids’ books into beautiful works of art this summer! Check out our handmade book and other notebook tutorials for more summer crafting fun!

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