This easy looped headband is a simple turban style headband made from knit fabric.  The looping of the fabric creates a great effect and is perfect for making a color blocked headband or for using two fun prints of fabric.

DIY looped headband

I am lucky that I got to try out a beautiful new line of knits fromRiley Blake Designs called Idle Wild designed by some amazing gals over over at Pattern Anthology (Kate Blocher, Melissa Mora, Shauna Wightman and Andrea Pannell).

idle wild fabric

How to make a looped headband {Turban Style Headband}

Cut two pieces of knit fabric 4″ X 10″ each.  My knit fabric was nice and stretchy both ways so I cut along the salvaged edge. Using a rotary cutter makes cutting long strips of fabric super easy.

looped headband tutorial

looped headband how to cut fabric

Find center of each piece. Fold one piece around the other.

looped headband folding fabric

Fold second piece over the first.

folding fabric looped headband tutorial

diy looped headband folds

Stitch along each edge up to where the pieces are folded over each other. Be sure to back stitch to keep stitching secure. Tip: If you want a tighter finished loop, scrunch the fabric up tighter before stitching. For the tutorial it was easier to explain with pieces laying flat.

looped headband sewing lines

Turn each side right side out.

looped headband turn inside out

Starting with both ends together turn the entire piece wrong side out.

looped headband turn wrong side out

looped headband turned wrong side out

Carefully stitch around the bottom leaving about a two inch opening.

looped headband sewing up bottom

Turn right side out. Hand stitch opening closed and you have a darling turban style headband!

diy turban knit headband




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  1. This is just wrong from beginning to end. nice concept if it actually worked. would love to see a video

  2. I so wish I had read the comments before cutting my fabric😑 measurements definitely have to be bigger, maybe 5″x20

  3. Anyone figure out how to make the holes in the front be smaller so they don’t show the wrong side of the fabric? Do you need to gather it in more?

  4. Cut my fabric as instructed, started following the instructions, couldn’t work out why mine didn’t look like the pictures. Wish I’d read the comments section first!!!

  5. I cut 10” but it was not right. Instructions says cut 10” but I looked at picture carefully and saw that your fabric is folded over so actually the measurements is a 20” strip not 10” !
    Now I have to recut!

  6. I don’t normally comment on blogs, but I urge you to update this post with the correct dimensions- I’m super annoyed that I wasted very expensive custom fabric following your directions only to get a headband that wouldn’t even fit a doll. I should have known something was up when my strips looked nothing like the picture! Please fix because this pattern looks great.

  7. I made the headband and it is really cute, but so small it might not fit a doll. Tried again by doubling everything and came out better. Is there a mistake in size of fabric cut.

  8. I made the headband and it is really cute, but so small it might not fit a doll. Tried again by doubling everything and came out better. Is there a mistake in size of fabric cut.

  9. I am making your turbin style headband. I turned each side inside out but the middle portions are not sewn yet and leaves it unfinished in the center area. You mention to sew up each side to where the fold is. Mine is sewn exactly as your photo shows where you have a white dotted line. Could you advise please. Email me and I’ll send photos.
    Thank you.

  10. I did my first with 9″ x 24″ rectangles which fit my head nicely. Thank you for this. I’ve been playing with this style but I couldn’t get the neat finish & couldn’t figure out how to do it. Followed your instructions & voila. It turned out great. Next is to do it again & make a tidier knot as per your fab instructions 🙂

  11. I agree with Clover Colonel… Maybe 4″×10″ cut on a fold… but it would be way small following these directions!

  12. So simple but adorable! I am all about simple, DIY’s.. especially when I can use up some fabric scraps 🙂 Thanks so much for this simple tutorial!

  13. I think the cutting dimensions are wrong. I made one and it is not big enough for a child. Should it be 14″ length or more?

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