I love how cute these EOS Lip Balm Christmas gifts are! So easy to print off the card and add an EOS lip balm for a fun gift.

Four EOS Lip Balm Christmas Gifts pintables. A Ho, Ho, Ho , snowman, reindeer, and Santa card. -Skip To My Lou
Easy and Quick Christmas gift with EOS lip balm.

I have a cute snowman, reindeer, HO HO HO, and Santa  EOS printable here to share.

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My sweet friend Amy has made some too. You might like her cute EOS Holiday gifts. Have you seen Tried and True’s darling EOS Reindeer printable? She started the craze!

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Grab The Following Supplies For the EOS Lip Balm Christmas Gifts

Download the free EOS Christmas printable.

{EOS Lip Balm Christmas Gift Printable}

Four EOS Lip Balm Christmas Gifts pintables. A Ho, Ho, Ho , snowman, reindeer, and Santa card. Supplies for making the gifts EOS lip balm in package, hole punch, and scissors. -Skip To My Lou

EOS Lip Balm Christmas Gifts Simple Steps To Make

  • With a circle punch remove the circles.  The punch I think is listed as being 1 1/2 inches. I think it measures closer to 1 1/4 inches.  It works perfectly.  I also tried a 1 1/2-inch plain circle punch. It works but is slightly bigger than it needs to be.
Close up  of EOS Lip balm Santa printable with hole being punched. -Skip To My Lou
Four EOS Lip Balm Christmas Gifts pintables. A Ho, Ho, Ho , snowman, reindeer, and Santa card. The holes have been punched for the lip balm to be inserted. -Skip To My Lou
  • Place an EOS lip balm in the hole and you have a cute gift!
EOS lip balm snowman printable gift with the lip balm inserted as his nose. -Skip To My Lou

Even More CUTE Christmas EOS Lip Balm Ideas

EOS Holiday Card

Happy Holidays Printable EOS lip balm card with the lip balm inserted as one of the three ornaments. -Skip To My Lou

DIY Lip Balm Christmas Gift

Text: Have a holly jolly Christmas  this year! EOS lip balm Christmas printable the lip balm is inserted as the berry in the holly. -Skip To My Lou

More EOS Gift Ideas For Other Occasions

Really these EOS lip balms make useful gifts. Add these free printables to make them extra special. Lots of teacher gift ideas!

There is one for

Looking ahead, I even have a darling EOS Valentine printable for you to share with friends.

Multiple EOS lip balm gifts. Text:  You're the bomb will you be my valentine, you're sweet, best teacher ever, have a holly jolly Christmas this year, happy Mother's day, You're some-bunny special!, happy holidays, I can't wit to have a ball with you this year!, I have the best teacher in the world, love happy anniversary, ho ho ho, Merry Christmas, an apple for the teacher, you are my sunshine, and you're sweet happy valentine's day. -Skip To My Lou

If you like gifts with clever sayings please check out my ebook, Cute Sayings For Christmas Gifts. You will get over 30 darling tags that you can add to a simple gift.

Which EOS lip balm Christmas gift did you make? What is your favorite flavor of lip balm?

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