Everyone can use a little extra dough, right? This is a funny little gag gift that is easy to make. Instead of gifting money you give cookie dough.

If you are invited to a White Elephant party check out all of these super fun White Elephant Gift Ideas. Here are 25 Christmas Gift Ideas for everyone on your list if you need something more serious.

White elephant gift

Download the free printable and grab some cookie dough and you have a funny gift.


  • Cookie dough (you don’t even have to make this yourself but if you want to we love this chocolate chip cookie recipe)
  • Container – I grabbed one off the salad bar at my local grocery store. I rang it up empty at the checkout.
  • Printable “Extra Dough” Label
  • Ribbon to make it festive

All you need to do is fill a container with cookie dough and attach the gift tag. Print the label in color on sticker paper to make it super easy to fasten to a plastic container.

Funny Gift Ideas

You might also be interested in these funny gift ideas: Just attach the free printable labels to batteries, bubble wrap, picture frame, umbrella or money. Easy and clever!



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