Fabric scrap dolls are an easy craft that fosters loads of creativity. The kid can explore different textures, colors and practice cutting skills.

Kids also love this make-up face activity. Another fun way to try new things and let imagination soar!

Fabric scrap poodle - how pretty is she.

Fabric Scrap Paper Dolls Craft

Since reading this post on Kiddley, back in 2006, fabric scrap paper dolls (and animals) have been a staple craft activity in our house. Here’s how you do it:

Download the fabric scrap paper dolls from the link below or draw your own doll shape and make copies on cardstock.

Paper dolls to dress up.
Free Scrap Paper Dolls Template

Gather random fabric scraps from your overflowing scrap box and a handful of trim scraps. Start saving scraps ahead of time. Even the tiny and odd-shaped pieces are great for this project!

This three-drawer Rubbermaid container works perfectly for us to keep all the materials accessible and organized.

Resources needed to make paper dolls dressed with beautiful scraps of fabric.

Make sure to add a couple of gluesticks, a bottle of tacky glue (dries slower but holds better), and a couple of pairs of good kid scissors (it’s fun to create with a friend!) to the box too.

Various fabrics to choose from cottons, polyesters, lace and more.
Add to the paper dolls individual style by applying fabric for clothes and coloring it in as you like..

Then let the kids start designing their doll’s outfit! This activity is best suited to kids ages 6+ years old. Using paper scraps instead of fabric scraps would make it easier for younger children.

This is a great way for sewers/crafters to use up all those scraps of fabric and trim – no matter how small or strange shaped. Avid scrapbookers can do the same thing and save patterned paper scraps to use instead of fabric. If you are neither a sewer, crafter, or scrapbooker, ask a friend, mother, aunt, or grandma who is to start saving their scraps for you so you can have this fun activity to keep the kids creating and busy this summer.

Look how creative kids can be - what a beautifully dressed paper doll cat.

The amazing Carrie from This Mama Makes Stuff is here to share a wonderful take on paper dolls.

Carrie is the amazing mom behind This Mama Makes Stuff. For more wonderful ideas please visit This Mama Makes Stuff!

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