As the leaves change and the air turns crisp, there’s no better way to celebrate the fall season than with a stunning array of fall charcuterie board recipes. From creamy goat cheese to savory deli meats, these boards are a delightful symphony of flavors and textures. We’ve scoured the web for the best fall-themed charcuterie board ideas, each offering a unique twist on this classic favorite. Whether you’re hosting a fall party or simply looking for a fun dinner option, these creative recipes are sure to impress your guests and satisfy your autumn cravings.

If you’re anything like me, you might have thrown out your old cheese knives and cutting boards during spring cleaning. But don’t worry fall is an awesome time to replenish and get some new charcuterie supplies!

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54 Fall Charcuterie Board Recipes

When it comes to fall charcuterie board recipes, it is always hard to round up my favorites. There are so many great recipes and ideas. But these may be some of the best I have come across in a long time!


Get ready to elevate your fall gatherings with TidyMom’s expert guide to creating a picture-perfect fall charcuterie board. Discover how to arrange a variety of cheeses, deli meats, and fresh fruit for a beautiful and delicious centerpiece that captures the essence of the season.

Tidy mom's charcuterieboard with crackers, cheese, nuts, and more.
A fall cheese ball for all!


Dive into a world of fall flavors with The Recipe Critic’s enticing charcuterie board. This mouthwatering spread features a variety of cheeses, including creamy cranberry goat cheese, alongside an assortment of seasonal produce and cured meats. It’s a fantastic option for any fall get-together.

strawberries, dips, cookies, and candies fill the recipe critic's fall board.
A large, flavorful board that screams fall!


Learn how to create an easy fall appetizer that’s as delightful as it is beautiful with Number 2 Pencil’s harvest charcuterie board. Explore a balance of textures and tastes with an array of soft and hard cheeses, accompanied by crispy pumpkin seeds, figs, and even some candy corn for the perfect pop of fall flavor.

Number 2 Pencils platter is complete with soft and hard cheeses, pumpkin seeds, meets, crackers, and candy corn.
A platter of fall perfection!

4. A Lovely Fall Charcuterie Board

Unpeeled Journal invites you to embrace the art of fall cheese pairings with their carefully curated fall cheese charcuterie board recipe. Revel in the delightful combination of soft, creamy cheeses and flavorful deli meats garnished with fresh rosemary sprigs for a touch of elegance.

The Unpeeled Journal has the perfect mix of cheeses, nuts, crackers, and meat.
A mix of perfectly “peared” fall flavors.

5. Elevated Fall Cheese Board

Take your fall charcuterie board to new heights with AintTooProudToMeg’s elevated creation. Explore a variety of textures and flavors, including luscious creamy cheese and bold hard cheese, all arranged with artistic precision to create a show-stopping centerpiece for any fall gathering.

AintTooProudToMeg's has a beautiful board full of fruit, cheese, meat, and nuts.
Indulge in a little bit of Everything!

6. Fall Charcuterie Board

Dive into the world of wholesome fall flavors with This Healthy Table’s fall cheese board. Incorporate seasonal produce, such as fresh figs and sweet blackberries, alongside a variety of cheeses and deli meats to create a balanced and nutritious spread.

A beautiful display of cheese, berries, figs, grapes, and deli meat fill This Healthy Table's board.
All the berries and cheese you could eat! Yum!

7. Fall Charcuterie Board on a Budget

Create a stunning fall charcuterie board without breaking the bank, thanks to Stickers and Stilettos’ budget-friendly version. Simple maple crème leaf-shaped cookies, pretzel chips, cream goat cheese logs, and an eye-catching board that’s perfect for gatherings, all while keeping your wallet in mind. Plus, adding some mini pumpkins for decoration makes it even more fun! 

Stickers and Stilettos shows a beautiful fall board full of goat cheese, maple leaf cookies, pretzels, and popcorn.
Salty and Sweet Perfection!

8. Fall Epic Charcuterie Board

For a truly epic charcuterie board for fall, Reluctant Entertainer’s the expert. Her large board is full of cheeses, delicious meats, and seasonal fruits like red grapes. It’s also beautifully arranged to create a centerpiece making it one of the easiest ways to feel guests during the fall or holiday season. 

The Reluctant Entertainer's board is full of meats, cheese, seasonal fruits, and nuts!
Feast your eyes on this beautiful fall creation!


Indulge in the irresistible combination of apples and cheese with Bless This Mess Please’s easy fall apple and cheese board. Discover how to artfully arrange fresh fruit alongside a selection of cheeses for a blend of sweet and savory fall flavors. Don’t forget the small bowls of dip that fill in spaces and are simply delicious. 

Bless This Mess Please's has created a beautiful board full of different types of cheese and fruit.
Look at all those cheesy choices! How will you every choose?


Fall in love with the beauty of the fall season through Louella Reese’s beautiful charcuterie plate. You don’t have to have a ton of wooden boards around for charcuterie! Learn how to assemble a visually stunning board featuring a variety of textures, colors, and flavors that make the perfect autumn charcuterie board.

Louella Reese's plate is full of cheeses, meat, dip, crackers, and fruit.
An amazing fall symphony of flavors and textures!


WhollyTasteful takes you on a culinary journey with their flavorful fall-themed charcuterie board. Discover a curated selection of seasonal flavors, all found at Trader Joe’s. She includes manchego cheese, deli meats, and fall-inspired ingredients that come together to create a mouthwatering masterpiece on a wooden board.

Manchego cheese, deli meats, fruit, pickles, and crackers fill WhollyTasteful's board.- fall charcuterie board
An edible work of autumn art.

12. Fall Charcuterie Board

Elevate your fall party game with I Heart Naptime’s seasonal charcuterie board. Giving off some Halloween vibes, you’ll find a medley of delicious options like caramel popcorn, Halloween Oreos, apple slices, and more, making it a good grazing board for a kid-filled party. 

I Heart Naptime's present a kid friendly board full of Halloween Oreos, popcorn, apples, candy, and more
ONe of the fall charcuterie board recipes your kids will love!

13. Fall Charcuterie Board

I’m not sure if this is a charcuterie board or a festive fall centerpiece. Pizzazzerie’s ultimate fall charcuterie board. Includes creamy cheeses, pumpkin-shaped cookies, and cured meats, and is all arranged with an artistic touch!

Pizzazzerie's charcuterie board includes creamy cheeses, cookies, meats, and nuts.
An incredibly delightful fall feast.

14. The Perfect Charcuterie Board

Unleash your creativity with Tastes Better From Scratch’s guide to crafting a creative charcuterie board. Learn how to play with colors, shapes, and arrangements to create an eye-catching spread that’s as fun to make as it is to enjoy.

Chocolate, cheese, crackers, fruit, and meat fill Tastes Better From Scratch's autumn board.
A sweet and savory treat, your taste buds will thank you for!

15. Fall Charcuterie Board

Embrace the joy of fall flavors with Cheerful Choices’ wholesome charcuterie board. A good charcuterie board includes cheese, meats, fruits, etc. But a great charcuterie board includes donuts!

Cheerful Choices' fall board is full of cheese, meats, fruit, donuts, and grapes/
Who doesn’t love fall flavored donuts?!?


Get cozy with This Mom’s Menu’s delightful fall charcuterie board. Dive into all the fall favorites, including creamy cheeses and a variety of meats. She even includes some unique options like moon drop grapes and Cornichons.

This Mom's Menu's autumn themed board displays cheese, apples, creamy caramel, crackers, and popcorn.
Dreamy, creamy caramel just makes everything better!

17. Fall Harvest Charcuterie Board

Celebrate the bounties of the fall harvest with Blue Bowl Recipes’ fall cheese board. Seasonal produce, soft cheeses like brie cheese, and a variety of textures create a stunning and deliciously festive board.

Soft cheese, festive fruits, crackers, and meats fill Blue Bowl Recipes' fall cheese board.
A festive fall masterpiece!

18. fall charcuterie board

A Full Living has all the flavors of autumn with its enticing fall board. Explore fall-themed ingredients, including fresh honeycomb, soft cheese like brie, apple butter, and more, that come together to create a feast for the senses.

A Full Living includes fresh honeycomb, brie, apple butter, meats, cheese, olives on their fall charcuterie spread.
A flavorful fall board everyone will love!

19. How To Make A Fall Harvest Charcuterie Board

Discover the magic of fall harvest with A Dash of Megnut’s charcuterie board. You’ll be able to find all of the ingredients at your local grocery store. Just pick your cheeses, meats, and fruits, and add some cinnamon-candied almonds.

A Dash of Megnut's autumn charcuterie board showcases meats, cheese, berries, and crackers.
Fall in love with this autumn feast!


Create an epic fall charcuterie board with Shared Appetite. This board is sure to be a show-stopping centerpiece that’s perfect for entertaining with its sweet potato hummus that adds a nice pop of color in the center.

Sweet potato hummus, bread, grapes, nuts, meats, and cheese fill Shared Appetite's fall board.
Savor every bite!

21. How to Make an Autumn Charcuterie Board with Trader Joe’s Fall Items

Dive into fall flavors with Melissa’s Healthy Kitchen’s autumn charcuterie board featuring Trader Joe’s fall items. A beautiful color scheme and is the perfect way to celebrate the fall season and all of Trader Joe’s yummy choices.

Melissa's Healthy Kitchen's autumn board is filled with nuts, cheese, honey, meats, olives, and crackers.
Autumn magic in every bite!

22. The Ultimate Fall Harvest Charcuterie Board

Embrace the ultimate fall harvest experience with Milk and Honey Nutrition’s fall harvest charcuterie board. Cheeses, seasonal fruits, and complementary ingredients come together to create a stunning spread.

Milk and Honey Nutrition's fall charcuterie board has crackers, nuts, apples, meats, and cheeses.
An epic feast for all to enjoy!


Can’t you smell the crisp autumn air when you look at Modern Honey’s fall charcuterie board? The perfect appetizer board for Thanksgiving or other fall parties.

Modern Honey's fall board is full of crackers, meat, grapes, and cheese.
Jump right into all these autumn flavors.


Get whimsical with Aubrey’s Kitchen’s fall charcuterie board. Full of fall-themed desserts like apple cider donuts, cookies, dried fruit, and oh so many pumpkin-flavored treats! 

Aubrey's Kitchen's charcuterie board includes apple cider donuts, cookies, dried fruit, and pumpkin flavored treats.
A bright fall sweet board for all!


Host the Toast has the ultimate autumn harvest cheese board. They not only incorporate blue cheese, crackers, and hummus but some delicious candied bacon.

Host the Toast's autumn charcuterie board is filled with candied bacon, cheese, crackers, meats, and fruit.
The most perfect autumn board for all to devour.

26. The Ultimate Fall Charcuterie Board

Camille Styles has created a fall snack board that pairs perfectly with a glass of white wine. The wooden charcuterie board includes cheddar, blue cheese, and even some Merlot BellaVitano cheese. Plus, fill in the empty spaces with meats, nuts, fruits, and more. 

Camille Styles fall snack board showcases cheddar and blue cheese, meats, nuts, and fruit.
A board that screams FALL!

27. Fall Charcuterie Board

Discover the beauty of rustic charm with More Than Meat and Potatoes’ fall charcuterie board. An inviting and comforting spread, this small charcuterie board is full of flavor and delightful choices. 

Grapes, crackers, nuts, meats, and fruit fill More Than Meat and Potatoes' fall board.
Elegantly indulge in this beautiful fall board.


Unleash your creativity with Fork in the Kitchen’s creative charcuterie board. You couldn’t fit any more ounces of cheese on this board if you tried! With suggestions like buying fall-flavored items, how much cheese and meat to include, and even what extras people enjoy. The process of creating your charcuterie board will be easy. 

Fork in the Kitchen's fall charcuterie board is full of cheese, grapes, olives, breads, and meat.
The ultimate fall board at its finest!

29. The Perfect Fall Charcuterie Board

DeLallo shows you how to create a balanced spread featuring new cheeses, meats, and nuts that cater to different tastes and preferences.

DeLallo showcases cheeses, meats, nuts, and nuts on their fall themed charcuterie board.
A simply stunning and delicious fall board.


Who said fall colors are only orange and yellow? Elevate your fall gatherings with Homebody Eats’ elegant charcuterie board. A beautiful fall charcuterie board recipe that incorporates beautiful whites and purples. 

Homebody Eats' fall board has cheese, crackers, berries, meats, pretzels, and pickles.
A white and purple fall delight!

31. What We Put on a Fall Charcuterie Board

Explore a flavorful journey with Food Talk Daily’s fall charcuterie board. A simple array of cheeses, seasonal fruits, and other accompaniments come together to create an appetizer that’s perfect for any fall occasion.

The Food Talk Daily's fall board includes meats, crackers, cheese, dips, olives, and grapes.
So many delicious cheesy choices!

32. Easy Fall Charcuterie Board

Grab some apple cider sangria and get ready to celebrate the festive fall season with Living Locurto’s delightful charcuterie board. Bell peppers are the centerpiece of this fall charcuterie board recipe stuffed with hummus and vegetable dips. These and all the other delicious ingredients make this board a great choice.

Hummus, bell peppers, olives, crackers, pretzels, and carrots fill Living Locurto's autumn themed charcuterie board.
Celebrate fall the right way with this beautiful board!

33. Fall Meat and Cheese Board Step-by-Step

Cup of Zest guides you through the creation of a step-by-step fall meat and cheese board. This board includes many types of cheeses. The perfect board for this time of year.

Cup of Zest's fall board displays meat, cheese, dried fruit, and crackers.
The pomegranate seeds add the perfect POP of color!

34. Gluten-Free Fall Harvest Charcuterie Board

When it comes to fall charcuterie board recipes, you may want to dive into a gluten-free fall experience with Rebecca Taig’s charcuterie board. Explore an array of gluten-free choices, from pumpkin spice goat cheese to gluten-free crackers. If you have friends or family members that can’t eat gluten, this board is for you. 

Rebecca Taig's board is full of gluten-free crackers, cheeses, seasonal fruit, nuts, and meats.
Everyone will dive right into this divine fall board.


Bothwell Cheese‘s creative fall charcuterie board. Learn how to combine a variety of cheeses, deli meats, and accompaniments to craft a visually appealing and flavorful centerpiece.

Bothwell Cheese's autumn charcuterie board shows nuts, cheese, meats, and olives.
A beautiful balance of fall flavors.

36. Fall Charcuterie Board

Indulge in fall flavors with Just a Taste’s delightful charcuterie board. The deep reds from the red grapes, pomegranate seeds, salami, and figs make this board a beautiful option. 

Just a Taste's charcuterie board displays figs, grapes, pomegranate seeds, salami, figs, and pretzel sticks.
An autumn feast for the eyes and the belly!


Get inspired by fall with Danilicious Dishes’ fall charcuterie board. Filled with delicious fall fruits like apples, pears, and even a small jar of apple butter. This fall charcuterie board recipe is wonderful.  

The Danilicious Dishes' autumn charcuterie board showcases crackers, grapes, pears, and apples.
Cozy up with this flavor-filled fall board.


The Spiffy Cookie has made an apple cider caramel dip that is to die for, and they even made a  fall charcuterie board to go with it! With pears, apples, pecans, and a variety of cheeses. This board will not disappoint.

Apple cider caramel dip, apples, pears, pecans, and cheese fill The Spiffy Cookie's fall board.
Apple cider caramel dip makes everything better!

39. Fall Charcuterie Board

Bits and Bites include some delicious cheese options, meats, pumpkin butter, and even some apple cinnamon yogurt pretzels that really finish out the fall themed charcuterie board. 

Cheeses, meats, pumpkin butter, grapes, almonds, and cinnamon yogurt pretzels are presented on Bits and Bites fall charcuterie board.
A delightfully decorated fall display!

40. Fall Charcuterie Board (Meat & Cheese Platter)

Embrace the wholesome goodness of fall with The Rising Spoon’s charcuterie board. Discover a curated selection of cheeses, seasonal fruits, and other ingredients that come together to create a nutritious and delicious spread.

The Rising Spoon's autumn board includes curated cheese, seasonal fruit, meats, nuts and crackers.
An artistic autumn centerpiece!


If you are rushed on time, don’t worry because you’ll have time to Create an easy fall charcuterie board with Happily Unprocessed’s simple yet flavorful approach. You’ll walk away with a delicious Halloween-themed board with plastic spiders, eyeballs, and even a cheese knife with jam that looks like blood stuck into the brie! 

Happily Unprocessed's fall board is full of crackers, cheeses, meats, grapes, and olives.
A Spooky Halloween Harvest!


Experience the best of fall with Café Sazón y Vida’s charcuterie board. With brie shaped like a pumpkin, dried fruit, and a variety of meats, this fall charcuterie board recipe will be your go-to! 

Cafe Sazon y Vida's charcuterie board  showcases pumpkin shaped brie, dried fruit, meats, and cheese.
Pumpkin-shaped brie for all your guests to admire!


Wanderlust and Wellness‘ fall charcuterie board is easy to create and is a great way to add a little pizzazz to your next get-together. Honey-covered brie, apple slices, prunes, pretzel sticks, and candied bacon make this board absolutely yummy.  

Wanderlusr and Wellness' includes honey-covered brie, apple slices, prunes, pretzel sticks, and candied bacon on their autumn themed charcuterie board.
Everything fall is better when it’s dipped in chocolate!

44. Fall Charcuterie Board

Bellyfull’s got everything you need to create a simple charcuterie board for fall. Candies, chocolates, cheese, and deli meats fill the board with small bowls full of chocolate dip, olives, and honey ricotta, making this a delicious mix of sweet and savory. 

Bellyfull's fall board is full of chocolate, dip, crackers, meat, and cheese.
Everything’s better with chocolate!

45. How to make a Fall Charcuterie Board

Rosalynn Daniels’ has a large and in charge elegant fall charcuterie board. There is such a variety of ingredients it will be hard to decide what to taste first. Fruits like prunes, grapes, and pomegranates are surrounded by various cheeses, meats, and even some chocolate that make this board complete. 

Prunes, grapes, pomegranates are cheeses, meats,  and chocolate are on Rosalynn Daniels' autumn charcuterie board.
An autumn harvest for everyone to be happy about.


Get inspired by fall flavors with Heather’s Home Bakery’s charcuterie board—a simple board with crackers, figs, honey, cheese, and more.

Heather's Home Bakery's fall board includes crackers, honey, figs, meat, and cheese.
When it comes to fall charcuterie board recipes, this is simply stunning, and screams fall!

47. Simple Fall Charcuterie Board

Dive into a simple yet delightful fall experience with A Red’s Patula’s charcuterie board. With candy corn, caramel dip, apple slices, and more! When it comes to fall charcuterie board recipes this one is a great option.

Caramel dip, apple slices, caramel corn, grapes, crackers, meat, cheese, and chocolate fill A Red's Patula's fall charcuterie board
Of all the fall charcuterie board ideas, this is the perfect amount of sweet and savory.

48. Fall Charcuterie Board

A Whole Lotta Yum knows how to create a beautifully sophisticated Halloween board. This fall charcuterie board idea not only includes pumpkin iced cookies but a coffin-shaped cheese and some small pumpkins throughout.

A Whole Lotta Yum showcases pumpkin iced cookies, cheese, berries, meat, grapes, and olives.
All of the little pumpkins are the perfect accent to this fall feast.

49. Fall Charcuterie Board

Healthy Little Peach’s fall charcuterie board showcases a large wedge of cheese and includes pickles, fruit, meats, and even a small bowl of olives.

Healthy Little Peach's fall board displays grapes, pomegranate, olives, chesses, meats, and crackers.
A mouth-watering fall masterpiece!

50. Beautiful Autumn Charcuterie Board

I had never heard of Miyoko’s Garlic Herb Cashew Milk Cheese until I found A Life Delicious’ charcuterie board. It is full of delicious options that fit the fall theme perfectly. 

Miyoko’s Garlic Herb Cashew Milk Cheese, Almonds, grapes, olives, meats, and cheese are on A Life Delicious's fall charcuterie board.
Autumn Elegance at its finest!

51. Fall Inspired Spicy Charcuterie Board

Add a kick of spice to your fall gatherings with Pat Cooks’ spicy charcuterie board. Full of spicy meats, pumpkin butter cream cheese, and an assortment of spicy cheeses. 

Pumpkin butter cream cheese, spicy meat, spicy cheese, and crackers are included on Pat Cooks' spicy charcuterie board.
A little pumpkin with spice is everything nice!

52. Fall Charcuterie Board

A different type of fall charcuterie board comes from Jenny Shea Rawn’s flavorful fall charcuterie board. Grilled shrimp, capers, tuna jerky, and more make this an interesting choice! 

Grilled shrimp, capers, tuna jerky, crackers, and olives make up Jenny Shea Rawn's fall board.
A picture-perfect autumn charcuterie board.

53. Caramel Apple (Fall) Charcuterie Board

Indulge in the sweet and savory with B Sugar Mama’s caramel apple charcuterie board. A dessert board that is like a county fair at home. With caramel dip, caramel corn, chocolate chips, m & ms, and more. You can create your perfect apple! 

B Sugar Mama's fall charcuterie board includes apples, caramel dip, popcorn, pretzels, and chocolate covered pretzels.
A Festive Fall Dessert Board Creation!


Create a charming fall centerpiece with Home Sweet Table’s delightful charcuterie board. Pecan-topped brie, goat cheese, salami, and more make this a great option for fall!

Home Sweet Table's fall board has pecan-topped brie, goat cheese, salami, and crackers.
What says fall better than pecan-topped brie? YUM!

These fall charcuterie board recipes offer a creative and delicious way to celebrate the autumn season. Whether you’re a firm believer in the power of cheese boards or looking to try new recipes, these links provide a wealth of inspiration for creating the perfect fall-themed spread. From cozy gatherings to festive parties, these charcuterie boards are sure to be the highlight of your fall entertaining. So, grab your favorite wood board, cheese knives, and small bowls, and start crafting your ultimate fall charcuterie board today!

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