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Not all Halloween decorations have to be scary!

This pumpkin garland is not only cute and festive, it is a sweet reminder of what we love about each person in our family. We made these for FHE last week and it was a fun activity with a great purpose!

Take a look:

scissors, brass fasteners (brads), hole punch, ribbon, orange paper, green paper, glue, crayons

1. Give everyone an orange piece of paper and a crayon. (I printed the words, “I Love __________ because” on each of the papers for as many people are in our family.) Have each person write one reason they love each family member. Once everyone is done, you can have each person read their papers out loud or keep it anonymous.

2. Cut out the strips of paper.

3. Once everyone has cut their papers, put the strips into piles- 1 pile for all of the reasons people love dad, 1 pile for all the strips of reasons people love mom etc.

4. Hole punch the top and bottom of each pile of strips.

5. Put a brad in both of the holes, securing each pile.

6. Fan the strips outward so they form a sphere-like shape.

7. Fold a green strip of paper as pictured above.

8. Place some glue on the green paper, then secure it to the top of your pumpkin and let it dry.

Once dry you can staple each pumpkin stem onto a ribbon.

Add some festive fall leaves for embellishments and you’re done!!!

Now everyone in my family has their own hanging pumpkin telling them just a few of the reasons why their family members love them!

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Have a great Halloween!

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