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Hi! I’m Rachel, and I blog at Family Ever After. I’m really excited to be part of Cindy’s series this year. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Cindy twice, and she is so fun to talk to, incredibly sweet and thoughtful, and very creative.

I’m pretty much years behind the trend… but I recently fell in love with scarfs! I don’t have an infinity scarf in my wardrobe yet, so when I saw this Eiffel Tower fabric when I was at a fabric store during the Sewing Summit, I knew it would makethe cutest scarf to wear this winter!

Want to make one? This is the easiest sewing project ever- great for a beginner, and great to make as a gift!


1 yard of fabric (light cotton, voile, knit… I wish I could tell you the designer of my Eiffel Tower fabric… I lost that info)

sewing machine, rotary mat and cutter, ruler and tape measure, hand sewing needle and thread

1. Start by blocking your fabric. By that, I mean to make sure that it perfectly squared up and on grain.

Here, I folded it in half and cut it to be perfect. See the difference?

2. I made a tester scarf out of muslin before I made my final scarf. That way I determined exactly what length I wanted it to be. I settled on these measurements…

60 inches long by 10 inches wide

For my height, 60 inches is the perfect length for two cowls (wraps around my neck). You can really use any measurements you’d like. Just do whatever it takes to make a very long rectangular piece!

3. Fold in half right sides together (it will now be 60 inches long and 5 inches wide). Pin and sew at 1/4 inch. Only sew the 60″ side, not the two 5″ sides.

4. You now have a very long tube. Now lay your scarf on the ironing board, with the seam in the middle. Press open the long seam. Only use the tip of your iron, so you don’t crease the sides.

5. Turn it right side out. I was able to do this without any tools, but you can always use a dowel or even your broom handle if you need help.

6. Now simply fold it in half, so it now measures 30″ x 10″. You’ll want to line the inside edges together, at the seams.

7. Ok, now this is the hardest part. It’s confusing until you actually do it, and then it comes together like magic. So don’t let this step scare you, its a cinch! Start by pinning the inside seams together. Now keep adding pins, while letting the fabric flow with you.

This picture looks confusing, but this is how it will look once you’ve put in as many pins as you can.

Start sewing, removing pins a you go. Make sure you’re only sewing through 2 layers, and not catching any other fabric under your presser foot!

You won’t be able to sew the circle all the way shut. We’ll deal with that it a minute. After you’ve backstitched, take it off your machine. It still looks funky…. until… presto! You only have a tiny hole. The rest of your sewing worked!

All you have is just a 3 inch hole.

8. The only thing left to do is to hand sew that small hole shut. Tuck in the raw edges, and when you sew, make sure you hide your knot, and only sew through the inside layer so your thread doesn’t show on the backside of the fabric.

And voila! That is all!

Merry Christmas!


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  1. Hi All! I think this tutorial looks great! I was searching a few and this one really caught my eye. I have shared it (per a customers search) on our Facebook Group page. I have absolutely given all credit where credit is due (www.skiptomylou.org and http://www.familyeverafter.com) —- Here is where I have shared it – you may be required to join the group to see it??? Not sure. Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns – I will remove it if you do not agree with the sharing. It is much appreciated though! Thank you so much! Keep up the great work!!!!

    Krista Cox
    Here is our Facebook Group Page where it is shared: https://www.facebook.com/groups/fairytalefrocksandlollipops/

  2. What a wonderful tutorial—so very easy to understand the directions and my scarf came out perfect. What a savings in comparison to what they are selling for in retail stores.

    Thank you much.


  3. Just made my first infinity scarf (which I’ve been meaning to do for some time now). I originally was using a tutorial by pink chalk studios but I could not get how to connect the ends. Your tutorial was much easier! Thanks so much. I used a hand dyed silk lavender and periwinkle fabric and the lightest softest periwinkle linen. It’s beautiful! Made mine 54″ per pink chalk. Works for me.

  4. Just made my first one (of many I’m sure!) thanks for a great tutorial!

  5. Thanks! I’ve been wanting to make these and didn’t know if it would work with regular cotton fabric. I think I’ll try it.

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