Do you take  first day of school photos?  Today is the first day of school! Look at my second grader.

A DIY message bubble is a perfect way for kids to show off what grade they are in!

I needed a  simple and quick way to make these message bubbles for our first day of school photo!  So I  used Elmers’s foam sheets, X-ACTO Knife, and chalk board paint. To make it even easier for you I  have a printable message bubble template.

Speech Bubble Template Download

Cut out the template, trace around it on the foam sheet and cut with an x-acto knife. I can’t say enough good about the X-ACTO Self Healing Mat (believe me it keeps you from a big mishap).

Cut out the entire message bubble.

Give the foam  message bubble a couple of coats of chalk board paint.

Once completely dry write your message on the bubble and take your photos!  These speech bubbles are a fun way to document special occasions and give photos personality!


How do you celebrate the first day of school?

This back to school coloring page is so cute and makes a wonderful keepsake!

First Day of School Coloring Page

If you aren’t so crafty you can print out these first days of school signs.


If you want to make sure you know exactly how to give your teacher perfect gifts all year long be sure to have her fill out her favorite things.

Favorite Things Teacher Questionnaire


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