When it comes to hosting the ultimate big game or Super Bowl party, you want to score big with your spread of delectable treats and football food. That’s where football charcuterie board ideas come into play. These fun and imaginative snack boards are a great way to showcase your favorite appetizers and snacks in a playful football-themed arrangement that will have every football fan cheering. From the first touchdown to the final whistle, these delicious football charcuterie boards will keep your guests entertained and satisfied throughout the game day.

To make the perfect charcuterie board, you need the perfect supplies. But don’t fret. Charcuterie boards are not complicated, and you can find pretty much all the tools, serving boards, etc., you need right on the internet! 

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23 Football Charcuterie Board Ideas

Football season is a time to gather around the television and root for your favorite team. Whether you’re enjoying college football or the NFL if you have friends or family over for a game. You are going to need some food. These football charcuterie board ideas will surely please every football lover in your life.


Kick off your super bowl party with a show-stopping super bowl charcuterie board inspired by Smack of Flavor. This board is a touchdown of taste buds, featuring a football goal post shape made of cheese, charcuterie meats, and plenty of crowd-pleasing snacks. This charcuterie board is a game-day winner.

Smack of Flavor's football charcuterie board includes pepperoni, cheese, crackers, pickles, and nuts.
Who said there is no such thing as a cheesy touchdown?!

2. Easy Football Charcuterie Board Perfect for Game Day

Elevate your game day snacks with Living Locurto’s football-themed charcuterie board. Loaded with favorite dip selections and classic finger foods, this board is a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. The combination of a football shaped cheese ball, pizza, and ranch dip will surely be a fan favorite.

Living Locurto's board showcases pepperoni pizza, cucumbers, bell peppers, corn chips, and a football cheese ball.
You can’t go wrong with a cheese-shaped like a football and a side of pizza!

3. Game Day Charcuterie Board

When it comes to football charcuterie board ideas, Joyful Healthy Eats knows that the best way to celebrate your favorite football team is with a game day charcuterie board. With a mix of soft pretzels, tortilla chips, chicken wings, and a variety of dips, this board is a great reason to gather your friends and family and root for your team in style.

Wings, dips, carrots, celery, and cheese are displayed on Joyful Healthy Eats football charcuterie board,
Wings with a KICK!

4. Healthy Game Day Cheese and Charcuterie Board Recipe

Get ready to take your game day snacks to the next level with The Delicious Life’s ultimate game day charcuterie board. This themed charcuterie board is a work of art featuring the perfect combination of cheeses, meats, and sweet treats. The chicken tenders and air-fried delicacies will have your guests raving.

The Delicious Life's football themed board has carrots, celery, pretzels, chips, meats, and cheese.
Game day snacks that are healthy and delicious!

5. Tailgating & Football Charcuterie Board

Pizzazzerie knows that the best part of any football-themed gathering is the food, and their tailgating football charcuterie board proves just that. With a combination of pretzel chips, olives, cheese, and a fantastic variety of dips, this board will be the tailgate talk.

Pizzazzerie includes pretzel chips, olives, cheese, and dips on their football-themed charcuterie board.
This board is a #1 Draft Pick!


The Recipe Critic’s football charcuterie board is a touchdown in itself. Featuring a delightful array of meats, cheeses, and fresh vegetables, this board is a perfect size for sharing with your fellow football enthusiasts. 

Pepperoni football, bell peppers, cucumbers, crackers, chips, pretzels and dip fill The Recipe Critic's football board.
A pepperoni football that is sure to be a WIN!

7. Game Day Charcuterie Board

Low Carb Inspirations brings you a game day charcuterie board that’s perfect for the health-conscious football fan—loaded with fresh veggies, cheese, fruit, and a pepperoni football. This board is a fun idea for those who want to indulge without guilt during football season.

Low Carb Inspirations includes a pepperoni football, blueberries, raspberries, and cucumbers on their football charcuterie board.
Come tackle this board — One pepperoni at a time!


Windy City Dinner Fairy’s football charcuterie board is a creative masterpiece that’s easy to assemble. The mini goal post toothpicks take center stage, surrounded by a variety of salami cheeses, soft baked pretzels, and mini hot dogs. The game day board adds a fun touch to your game day festivities.

Cheese, pretzels, pickles, meat, almonds, and crackers fill Windy City Dinner Fairy's football themed board.
All your friends will be a #1 Fans of this game day board.

9. Football Game Cheese Board

Show your support for your favorite team with Wisconsin Cheese’s football-themed charcuterie board. This board celebrates local flavors, featuring an array of cheeses and a fantastic selection of meats and accompaniments. They even include pumpernickel and cheese-shaped footballs! It’s a perfect way to show your team spirit and enjoy the best of the season.

Wisconsin Cheese's football board includes a variety of cheese, meats, and popcorn.
A cheesy football masterpiece!

10. Football Snack Board

Soccer Mom Blog takes game day snacking to a whole new level with her football charcuterie board. This board is filled to the brim with flavorful treats like mozzarella sticks wrapped in salami and pepperoni, Colby jack cheese, and all the empty spaces packed with plenty of delicious finger foods. It’s a winning combination that will delight kids and adults alike during the big football game.

Bacon wrapped cheese football, cheese crackers, tomatoes, carrots, olives, pretzels, and nuts fill Soccer Mom Blog's charcuterie board.
A bacon wrapped cheese ball will always be a crowd pleaser!

11. Kids’ Game Day Charcuterie Board

Betty Crocker brings a playful twist to game day with their kids’ game day charcuterie board. Packed with bite-sized favorites like pretzel sticks, bugles, apple slices, grapes, cookies, and even some fruit roll-ups. This board is sure to be your kid’s favorite thing while cheering on their favorite team.

Betty Crocker showcases pretzel sticks, bugles, apple slices, grapes, cookies, and fruit roll-ups on this football themed charcuterie board.
No competition here. This board is sure to score with the kids!


Snowflakes and Coffeecakes infuses a touch of fall into their football charcuterie board, creating a fancy tailgate snack tray full of browns, oranges, and yellows. It includes a variety of snacks like candy corn, meat, cheese, pretzel bites, and even whoopie pies with orange and black sprinkles. This board transforms game day into a magical experience for both young and old.

Candy corn, meat, cheese, pretzel bites, whoopie pies, and grapes fill Snowflakes and Coffeecakes.
A Game Day board everyone will “rush” too!

13. Football Cheese Ball and Charcuterie Board

Food Network Kitchen scores big with their football cheese ball and charcuterie board. Featuring a savory football-shaped cheese ball surrounded by an array of veggies and deli meats and some small bowls full of good dip. This board is a great way to showcase your charcuterie skills and impress your guests on game day.

Food Network Kitchen's football charcuterie board displays a football cheese ball, deli meats, cheese, and veggies.
“Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?”

14. Game Day Meat and Cheese Board

Moore or Less Cooking takes game day meat and cheese to a whole new level with their mouthwatering game day meat and cheese board. Using a plastic football-themed serving tray, this board is simple and full of delicious choices, with a variety of meats that you can find at your local grocery store, cheese, and a few hot peppers and pickles. This hearty spread will keep your guests fueled and ready to cheer.

Moore or Less Cooking includes a football themed board full of pepperoni, cheese, salami meat, pretzels, and crackers.
A Perfect Sunday Fun-day!

15. Football Inspired Cheese Board

A football shaped plastic dish is all you need to start making this football charcuterie board idea from Mommy Hates Cooking. She knows that hosting a homegating party is all about creating a festive atmosphere and serving crowd-pleasing snacks. Their football-inspired cheese board is the perfect centerpiece, featuring a large wheel of brie cheese in the center, an assortment of fruits, and some crackers everyone will return for more.

This football themed board by Mommy Hates Cooking is full of crackers, fruit, olives and pickles.
This board is sure to make you the Appetizer MVP!

16. Jalapeño Popper Cheese Ball (Football Snack Board!)

Kroll’s Korner offers a show-stopping appetizer with their jalapeño popper cheese ball that is in the shape of a football for those who crave a little heat on game day. This spicy delight takes center stage on your football charcuterie board, surrounded by an assortment of crackers, fresh veggies, mozzarella sticks, potato skins, and even some spicy buffalo wings. It’s a flavor-packed touchdown that’s sure to ignite your taste buds.

Kroll's Korners created a football board full us carrots, celery, potato skins, pretzels. and mozarella sticks.
This Football board is a Tailgating Touchdown!

17. Game Day Charcuterie Board

Starting with a large wooden charcuterie board, Our Love Language Is Food takes a wholesome approach to game day appetizers. This game day charcuterie board showcases fresh veggies, nuts, and crackers, and Wood River Creamery cheese. All of this offers a balance of flavors and textures that cater to both health-conscious guests and die-hard football fans.

Our Love Language is Food included meat, cheese, veggies, pretzels, and nuts on their football charcuterie board.
Dipping in the End Zone!!


See Lindsay’s game day charcuterie board is a work of art that celebrates the spirit of competition. The careful arrangement of cheeses, crunchy snacks like pretzels and pickles, and even a football shape sausage creates a visually stunning display that’s as satisfying to the eyes as it is to the taste buds. With a touch of creativity, this board elevates your game day experience.

Pickles, crackers, meat, cheese, pretzels, and football sausage fill See Lindsay's game day board.
A Sausage Pig Skin for the WIN!

19. Game Day Charcuterie Board

The Crafting Chicks bring some grilled options to your Super Bowl Sunday festivities with their vibrant game day charcuterie board. This board is a delightful feast for the senses, loaded with hamburgers, hot dogs, peanuts, chips, veggies, and more. It’s a great way to bring grilling fun and excitement into your football-themed gathering.

Hot dogs, hamburgers, cheese, chips, and fruit are showcased on The Crafting Chicks Super Bowel Sunday board.
All your guests will be huddled around this meaty board!

20. Football Themed Charcuterie Board

When it’s time to throw a football party that’s a true crowd-pleaser, turn to Celebrations at Home Blog’s football theme snack board, packed with an abundance of chicken wings in multiple flavors, vegetables like carrots, celery, and a variety of cheeses, this board ensures that your guests won’t go hungry during the big game. It’s the perfect addition to your game day food. 

Celebrations at Home Blog's football board includes veggies, chicken wings, carrots, celery, and cheese.
Wings? Yes Please!!


Kitchen Divas has a board that is full of all the perfect football party foods. This food board is a  combination of football shaped deviled eggs, mini sliders, veggies, chips, and some delicious dips. An easy and delicious option. 

Football shaped deviled eggs, mini sliders, veggies, chips, and dips fill Kitchen Divas football board.
Hut, Hut, Hike those Sliders right into your belly!


Wanderlust and Wellness invites you to take your game day charcuterie board to the next level. With a focus on ease, this board includes pretzel bites, different flavors of chicken wings, caramel popcorn, a bell pepper filled with ranch dip, and three bowls of delicious trail mix. These snack ideas are sure to satisfy even the most discerning football fan.

Chex mix with m&ms, popcorn, wings, dips, and veggies are displayed on Wanderlust and Wellness's football themed board.
The Complete Snack Zone!

23. Football Dessert Board for Game Day

Ain’t Too Proud to Meg scores a touchdown with her football dessert board for game day. After all the savory treats, it’s time for sweet indulgence with this dessert-themed charcuterie board, featuring a variety of sweet treats that are as fun to eat as they are delicious.

Ain't Too Proud to Meg creates a football dessert board full of gummies, pretzels, cookies and a chocolate chip football.
Steal the Show with this Game Day Masterpiece.

Whether you’re gearing up for the big game, a college football matchup, or simply a football-themed gathering, these football charcuterie board ideas offer a creative and delicious way to celebrate your love for the sport. With the perfect balance of flavors, textures, and themed elements, you’ll be well-equipped to throw a touchdown-worthy party that your guests will remember long after the final whistle blows. So, gather your favorite snacks, prepare your favorite dips, and let your creativity shine as you assemble the perfect charcuterie board for your next football-themed event.

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