Grab these “Free Compliments” …… hang them up everywhere! It might be just what someone needs to hear. It is one of those take what you need signs. Tear off a little slip of paper. Each one of these papers gives a compliment. Pass them out and make somebody’s day! Everyone can use a compliment!

Here is a wonderful list of random acts of kindness ideas (plus a free gift tag). I love idea of kindness rocks. What a special way to spread a little joy! Here are some kindness cards to print out.

Free Compliments

It is always the right time to do a little something to help someone along.  We never know when just that tiny little act will make a difference. Little random acts of kindness do make this world better.

Download this free compliment flyer and print in color on regular white copy paper. Cut along the vertical lines along the bottom. Hang the take what you need sign up… at work, at school, community bulletin boards and all around town.

Sometimes I just get caught up in my to-do list of daily life and overlook the small simple ways I could be kind to others.  I often want to make grand overtures but feel as if I fail when I am unable to help out in a big and meaningful way.

Let’s put down our cell phones and our to-do lists for just a moment and notice each other. We all need to be valued and loved.   Let’s share some love ……. go forth and compliment!

free compliments printable

Here it is in black and white. Print on colored copy paper to make it more eye-catching!

{Free compliments black and white}

free compliments take what you need

I don’t think our kindness has to always be delivered in a big package though,  the smaller random things we do make a huge difference in the lives of others.  I know as I look back, it has often been those small gestures that gave me hope or made my day brighter Want more ideas to spread cheer and encouragement to people?

more ways to spread kindness

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I posted post-its on the mirror in the ladies restroom!! Nobody knows who did it!!! Our little secret!!

  2. I’m a special education teacher at Miller Career and Transition Center (CTC). We are the first LAUSD CTC for students whom have special needs (ages 18 to 22). I teach Social Skills in the workplace. I just loved what you put on pinterest and will use some of it with my students. Thank you.


  3. What a fabulous way to make the world a little bit better! Thanks so much.

  4. Thank you so much for these words of kindness. I am going to hang them in the entry to the apartment building I live in for others to pass out too. So sweet of you to do these. 🙂

  5. I’d love the editable version of this. Just because I’d love to put up at work but some of them wouldn’t be work appropriate.

  6. Thanks for sharing. Will be copied and used to get many smiles and “Warm Fuzzies”.
    Thanks 🙅☺😺

  7. Ahhh thanks, Kathy. I think it would be so great to have these everywhere and everyone sharing a bit of sweetness. I think this world has forgotten the power of a kind word some days!

  8. Such a sweet idea! I think I’ll print a few out and tape them in the schools where I substitute teach. I wonder how long before they are all torn off! Nothing better than spreading kindness. Thank you!

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