This week I am going to post things that I am doing in preparation for our Fourth of July Celebration.  Stay tuned for more ideas!

These rockets will be filled with treats for the kids table.

I originally cut out the letters for the name with the Cricut, but if you don’t have one I have made a customizable download for you.

AFourth of July Customizable Rocket Party Favor

(I think you will need Adobe Acrobat  to make the letters and placement display correctly)

Fourth of July Rocket Party Favor Parts


    1. Download the PDF and customize with any name you desire (up to 7 letters- sorry you might have to use some nicknames if your names are too long)
    2. Print both downloads on copy paper
    3. Cut out the download and wrap the name paper around an empty toilet paper roll and fasten (I used hot glue). Not all toilet paper rolls are created equal so I made it fit the longest one I could find. This might make it too long for some and it will need to be trimmed.
    4. Cut out template for the fins and nosecone and trace the nosecone onto card-stock and the fins onto poster board. In the picture I used heavy card-stock for the fins, but I am going to get poster board tomorrow. I think they will be much more sturdy.
    5. Place fins onto rocket and hot glue.


  1. Fill tube with treats. Treats needs to be large enough that they don’t fall through the bottom opening where the fins are attached. It also should be light weight. For mine I removed the plastic package of saw dust and bang snaps from its box and put the package inside the tube.
  2. Fold the nosecone, overlapping the edge about 1/2 inch at the bottom and glue.
  3. Hot glue nosecone to top of rocket and you are finished!


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  1. Cute idea, but i couldn’t get the nosecone to take shape…so made my own template. Kids had a great time making them! Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this. I printed them off for my grandkids. They will love seeing their names on the rockets.

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