Next Friday is May Day. If you haven’t guess I love May Day! A child’s watering can make the perfect container for flowers. I found the pink one at JoAnn’s Fabrics and the purple one at the Dollar Store.



=May Day Gift Tags



Download the May Day poem gift tags, attach to your May flowers and you have a great little May Day treat for your friends.


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  1. Please send tag to my email. I’d like to use with my nursing home residents. Thank you,

  2. How can I get the Mayday poem sent to my email? Please respond as soon as possible. Cherylann

  3. I would love to use your May Day tag for my 6 little children. Please send me your link. Thank you!

  4. I remember May Day as a little girl at school. The May Pole! Last year I made several May Day Cones filled with Flowers and gave them to friends and to middle school teachers at my daughter’s school. Going to repeat this tradition this year!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing! These tags and the gift idea are delightful!!

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