Happy Halloween!

Kim over at Today’s Creative Blog is  feeling  festive! She is offering my felt food pattern to 10 people.



All you have to do is jump through her hoops, but they’re fun hoops.  peepsfall

Click 3 links off our widget (THE WIDGET LOOKS LIKE THIS ABOVE) and then leave her a comment and let her know which ones. The widget is just over there on the right.  That isn’t too hard?

Leave your comments at Today’s Creative Blog by Monday night 5pm.

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  1. Did anyone receive a response for the lunch bag patterns? I thought I would be one of the 10, but have not received it yet.

  2. These are so adorable. I made pies and cakes for my great grandaughter and eggs and bacon. My children say that I have too much time on my hands and then ask “Mom, could you make—-
    My two daughters are teachers and there is always a project, which I love!!!!

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