This frog drawing is EASY to do. Learn how to draw a frog with this step by step drawing tutorial. You can complete it in 6 easy steps! With a few supplies and 10 minutes, this simple frog can be yours!

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cute colored frog
How to Draw a Frog Easy

cute Frog drawIng Supplies

Leap over and gather these supplies, get comfy on your lily pad and let’s do this simple cartoon frog drawing.

  • paper
  • pencil
  • eraser
  • colored pens and pencils, markers or crayons

How to Draw a Frog Easy!

The instructions and illustrated images will make this frog drawing easy! Follow the steps and learn how to draw a cartoon frog!

  1. In step one draw and highlight the frog’s eyes like this: Draw and color in a pea sized circle in the middle of your paper. Move over, down, and make another circle the same size. Use your eraser to erase a tiny dot on the left side of each circle. Surround each circle with a larger circle to complete the frog eye. Notice there circles are not perfect.first step for how to draw a frog is circles for the eyes and pupils
  2. In step two draw the frog’s face, mouth and eyelashes like this: Lightly sketch an oval shape that passes through the frog’s eyes and drops down. Add a wide smiley face toward the bottom of the oval. Draw small lines at the end of the smile. Carefully erase the top line of the oval that passed through the frog’s eyes and replace the line with a line that follows the shape of the eye , flattens, then curves around the other eye. Add 3 eyelashes slanting above each add the frog head and mouth
  3. In step three draw the front legs and feet like this: Start by drawing 2 sets of slightly curved lines down from the bottom of the face. The lines curve in to suggest the “elbows” and curve back out and in at the “ankle.” To draw the webbed feet, draw 3 sets of short, straight lines down from the ankle, like a Peace Sign. Close the lines with a circle-ish shape to make the toes.draw the front legs for the easy frog drawing
  4. In step four draw the hind legs and the rest of the body like this: Draw each hind leg starting at or just below the elbow of the front leg and making an egg-shaped line ending at the same level as the front ankle. Draw a wide, curving line from under the left hind knee to the right hind knee, like a long smile line. Draw the hind feet with straight lines angled out and down from the hind leg. End each toe with a rounded line. Add the suggestion of a heel inside the front leg space by the bottom of the frog’s draw the back legs for your cartoon frog drawing
  5. In step five draw spots like this: Draw a circle between the frog’s eyes and repeat 3 more times on the face, making the circles different sizes. For the spots on the body, draw half circles randomly as shown.add spots to your frog drawing
  6. In step six, color the frog with markers, crayons or colored pencils. Rib-bit, you did it!finish by coloring your cute frog drawing

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Easy Frog Drawing Video

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