It’s the perfect season to break out the fruit tray, and if you are hosting a dinner party, a 4th of July get-together, or other special occasions like baby showers, these fruit and cheese charcuterie board ideas may be the perfect addition to your plans. Whether you want to include just summer fruit or a variety of fruits, they are absolutely delicious.

If you’re making a fresh fruit charcuterie board, you will need some tools for the cheese, meats, or other things. I’ve gathered up my favorite charcuterie board tools, and the best part is I am sharing them all with you.

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20 Fruit and Cheese Charcuterie Board Ideas

These fruit and cheese charcuterie board ideas have no wrong way of serving. Whether you are looking for a beautiful board or just a simple one, these choices are a perfect way to celebrate the summer season.

1. How to Make the Best Fruit and Cheese Platter

House of Nash Eats includes not only different fruits but also soft cheese, veggies, and delicious options of dips.

house of nash eats with a board full of fruit, veggies, cheese, and more.

2. Fruit Charcuterie Board Recipe

The Carefree Kitchen has a pretty popular charcuterie fruit board. With a variety of shapes and two deliciously sweet dips, this may be one of the smaller boards, but it’s definitely a crowd-pleaser.

the carefree kitchen has a homemade fruit dip with grapes, pineapples, and oranges around it,

3. Delicious Fruit Charcuterie Board Ideas

Devour Dinner has put together a beautiful display of fruit. Filling in all empty spaces with tomatoes, strawberries, and cubes of cheese.

a fruit and cheese charcuterie board idea with a cream cheese dip in the middle from devour dinner


Green and red grapes are taking over this fruit and cheese charcuterie board from Chenee Today. You’ll also find some small bowls of nuts, dried bananas, blackberries, and even some chocolate hummus.

chenee today with a simple fruit and cheese board with grapes, pineapple, kiwi, and more.

5. Fruit and Cheese Platter

Iheartnaptime has the perfect appetizer for family members or friends—a cheese platter with crackers, bread, apple slices, strawberries, and grapes. You can’t go wrong.

i heart nap time fruit and cheese charcuterie board idea with an array of crackers, fruit, and cheese.

6. Fruit and Cheese Board

Taste of Home has a fresh fruit board that may look to go to eat. With a kiwi rose, mango slices to perfection, soft brie cheese, some dried fruits, and dips, you won’t know whether to take a picture or dig in.

taste of home with cut up mango, kiwi shaped like a rose, and some cheese and honey options.


The Recipe Critic’s rainbow fruit charcuterie board is the perfect choice for your next party. Seasonal fruits like dragonfruit, blood oranges, and kiwi add unique flavors, while a bowl made from pineapple adds a fun touch.

the recipe critic with a unique board and fruits including a hollowed out pineapple with fruit choices.


A variety of cheeses with season fruits on a simple yet beautiful cutting board makes this fruit and cheese charcuterie board from Modern Honey is a fruit platter that you’ll want to serve.

modern honey has a simple board with a variety of fruit, cheese, and a fruit dip.

9. Ultimate Summer Fruit & Cheese Board

Fresh herbs, favorite fruits, and hard cheeses, as well as soft have found their way onto this fruit and cheese board from Eating Well.

a mix of sweet and savory are present on the  charcuterie board from eating well.


A cheese plate is pretty tasty. But add stone fruit like peaches, a variety of meats, and some fresh mozzarella in olive oil. You may have the most delicious cheese plate there is. Simply Delicious Food shows you how it’s done.

a more tradition board from simply delicious but still with fruit choices.


A good rule of thumb is to ensure you try to fill your entire board, cookie tray, etc., so there are no empty spaces. Danilicious created a simple board that only includes a couple of fruits, cheeses, and crackers that you can easily find in grocery stores.

A board full of summer fruits like strawberries, cherries, and peaches from danilicious

12. Fruit Charcuterie Board

A cinnamon spread may be a good idea if you are looking to create a simple fruit charcuterie board. White Kitchen Red Wine even added some Trader Joe’s Rosemary Marcona Almonds. 

a pretty red board from white kitchen red wine. Perfect to pair with a wine tasting.

13. Fruit Charcuterie Board

Kathleen’s Cravings has a good charcuterie board that includes some ripe fruit, and even fun cut kiwi is a good choice to add a little fun to the board.

Simple and organized. Kathleen's Cravings includes fruit, a cream dip, and other fixings.


Sugar and Charm has a board that is full of vibrant colors. It also includes creamy cheese and even a drizzle of honey.

A fruit board that is piled high with different options from sugar and charm


If you are bringing an appetizer or even dessert to your next 4th of July, then you may love the board from Muy Bueno.

A red, white, and blue board for 4th of July from muy bueno.

16. Fruicuterie Board (Aka the Fruit Charcuterie Board You Need to Try)

PureWow includes small fruits like fresh figs, larger fruits like peaches and cantaloupes, as well as some unique choices like golden raspberries and apricots.

A fruit tray with a variety of different and unique fruits like golden kiwi and raspberries from pure wow.


A fun way to celebrate summer is with a board like the one Hip Foodie Mom has created. A great way to serve unique fruit and cheese.

A board full of crackers, cheese, and some unique fruits from hip foodie mom

18. How to Make A Cheese Board

Love & Lemons gives you everything you need to know about making fruit and cheese boards. Giving you directions on what types of food to include, such as goat cheese, fruit dip, and larger items like slice apples and grapes.

A pretty simple display including cheese, crackers, and apples from love and lemons.

19. Winter Cheese Board

A fun way to serve fruit and cheese in the winter is by copying this cheese board from Yoga of Cooking. Nuts, bread, meats, cheeses, and fruit fill the board and will add a nice touch to any holiday gathering.

A large more traditional charcuterie board from yoga of cooking.


The last one on our fruit and cheese charcuterie board ideas list is from Juggling Act Mama, with one of the most delicious-looking dips in the center. I don’t think I’d want to share it. 

A chocolate chip fruit dip in the center surrounded by a ton of fruit options from juggling act mama.

These fruit and cheese charcuterie board ideas are absolutely delicious no matter what season! Try one, try two, or try them all. You will not be disappointed.

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