A fresh fruit charcuterie board is a great option for your next party or brunch. Full of a variety of fruits and often various cheeses, there is no wrong way to serve a fruit platter and feed many guests on special occasions. These fruit charcuterie board ideas are some of the tastiest charcuterie boards I have ever come across.

A great way to create a fruit charcuterie board, or any epic charcuterie board, for that matter, is to have all the supplies you need. Having a few large platters, cutting boards, cheese knives, small bowls, etc., will make everything easier. I’ve gathered a few of my favorites below.

37 Fruit charcuterie board ideas

These fruit charcuterie board ideas are perfect for any time of the year but are especially delicious during the spring and summer when many season fruits are at their ripest and tastiest.

1. Fruit and Cheese Board

Taste of Home has created a beautiful board with cheese and fruits. Kiwi roses to a beautifully cut mango give this fruit charcuterie board a nice touch and the perfect appetizer.

fruit charcuterie board ideas-taste of home-board with a variety of fruits
A round charcuterie board with some delicious fruit offerings.


Entertaining Diva has an easy fruit charcuterie board idea that is full of healthy fruits like watermelon, strawberries, and pineapple. She also includes some delicious dips, including whipped cream, cream cheese fruit dip, honey, caramel, and hazelnut butter.

fruit charcuterie board ideas-entertaining diva-board with watermelon, pineapple, grapes, etc. and dips
An easy fruit charcuterie board with multiple dip options.


If you are looking for a charcuterie board full of vibrant colors, then you’ll absolutely love this ultimate fruit board from The Recipe Critic. Not only does it include a pineapple filled with fruit, but it also includes exotic fruit like pink dragonfruit and kumquat.

fruit charcuterie board ideas-the recipe critic-board with a hollowed out pineapple with berries inside and other fruits around it.
A big, bright fruit charcuterie board.

4. Fruit Charcuterie Board

A simple fruit charcuterie board from The Carefree Kitchen may be all you need to satisfy a sweet tooth at your next dinner party. With bite-sized pieces of fruit and whipped cream cheese dip, and caramel sauce, every guest will be happy. 

fruit charcuterie board ideas-the carefree kitchen-board with a variety of fruits and sweet cream cheese dip
A simple fruit board with a sweet whipped cream cheese dip.


Grab a pineapple, grapes, and some orange slices to make this simple fruit platter. Chenee Today uses ingredients you can easily find in your local grocery stores. Then add in some sweet options, like softened goat cheese with honey and chocolate hummus, and you’re sure to create a beautiful display.

fruit charcuterie board ideas-chenee today-board with a variety of fruits and dips in the middle
A large fruit board with a mix of everything.

6. How to make a Fruit Charcuterie Board

Blackberry Babe gives some great advice when it comes to creating a fruit charcuterie board which includes not using apple slices because they turn brown easily and how to arrange your board as a beginner. 

fruit charcuterie board ideas-blackberry babe-board with blueberries, watermelon, dragon fruit and a sweet dip.
Unique fruits and flavors make this board perfect!

7. Fruit and Dessert Charcuterie Board

Picky Palate combines two delicious things to create her charcuterie board, fruit, and dessert. Fruit and dessert often go hand in hand, and charcuterie fruit board is the perfect combo.

fruit charcuterie board ideas-palate-a metal tray with a variety of fruits and dessert options.
A mix of a fruit and dessert charcuterie board.

8. Delicious Fruit Charcuterie Board Ideas

Dinner parties are always fun to host, but after all the prepping and serving, you may be a little tired. Devour Dinner has a fruit charcuterie board idea that can easily double as a dessert with a sweet cream cheese dip in the middle.

fruit charcuterie board ideas-devour dinner-board with a variety of yellow options like mangos, pineapple, etc.
You’ve got everything you need with this fruit charcuterie board.


A traditional charcuterie board is usually comprised of a variety of meats and a variety of cheeses, but when you create a fruit charcuterie board, you normally include seasonal fruits. Fork in the Kitchen has created a fruit board with a variety of shapes and tastes.

fruit charcuterie board ideas-fork in the kitchen-board with a variety of fruits with honey and a fruit dip.
A seasonal fruit board perfect for a get-together.

10. Fruicuterie Board (Aka the Fruit Charcuterie Board You Need to Try)

PureWow has created a beautiful fruit and cheese board that would be a hit at baby showers or a date night. It includes popular fruits like strawberries and peaches. But also new flavors like figs, cherries, and apricots.

fruit charcuterie board ideas-purewow-a traditional charcuterie board with more fruit
A board with unique flavors and fruits.

11. Fruit and Cheese Platter

This fruit board from i heart naptime leans more towards a classic charcuterie board but still includes some delicious options. The most important thing is the mix of cheese, fruit, and crackers that make this a good choice for an appetizer.

fruit charcuterie board ideas-i heart naptime-board with a variety of fruits, crackers, and cheese.
Is it a cheese board or fruit board?

12. Fruit Charcuterie Board

Kathleen’s Cravings fruit charcuterie board idea includes some beautiful focal points like the cream cheese dip and wheel of brie cheese. But it also has some amazingly awesome pops of color with the types of fruit she included.

fruit charcuterie board ideas-kathleen cravings-board with a variety of fruits, and cheese
A simple fruit board with two dips to choose from.


Two Spoons has created a beautiful fruit charcuterie board that gives off major tropical vibes! With fruits like pineapple, mango, passion fruit, orange, kiwi, and strawberries, your guests or family will love dipping these into a delicious coconut yogurt dip!

fruit charcuterie board ideas-two spoons-board with a variety of tropical fruits.
A fruit charcuterie board with tropical vibes.

14. Fruit Charcuterie Board

If you’re looking for a charcuterie platter for one, White Kitchen Red Wine has an option that you may enjoy. With a cheese option, pomegranate, and grapes, it’s a perfect board.

fruit charcuterie board ideas-white kitchen red wine-board with a grapes, and cheese
A fruit charcuterie board that is perfect for date night.


The Devil Wears Salad has taken different fruits and different shapes to a whole new level with her fruit charcuterie board idea. Gold and green kiwi fruit, blood oranges, passionfruit, and even yellow watermelon fill this entire board and are unique and fun!

fruit charcuterie board ideas-the devil wears salad-board with a variety of bright fruits like kiwi, oranges, etc.
A fun and bright board with a huge variety.

16. Rainbow Fruit Charcuterie Board

If you want a rainbow fruit charcuterie board, then The Southernly Magnolia has a simple board full of ripe fruit that anyone will enjoy.

fruit charcuterie board ideas-the southernly magnolia-board with a variety of rainbow fruits and veggies.
A rainbow of fruit and veggies.


Sugar and Charm has put together a delicious fruit and cheese charcuterie board that includes fresh fruit as well as dried fruit. It also has some soft cheese like brie and goat cheese. A fun way to serve a variety.

fruit charcuterie board ideas-sugar and charm-board with mange, grapes, kiwi, and brie
A packed fruit charcuterie board!

18. Ultimate Summer Fruit & Cheese Board

The first thing you want to remember when creating a fruit charcuterie board is to compliment it with other delicious options. EatingWell has put together a charcuterie board full of in season fruits and other choices like blue cheese, marinated olives, and crackers.

fruit charcuterie board ideas-eating well-board with a variety of fruits, veggies, and cheese
Any flat surface can become a charcuterie board.


Modern Honey has found the perfect way to mix appetizers and desserts with her fruit tray. This charcuterie board includes her favorite fruits, checkers, cheese, and more!

fruit charcuterie board ideas-mondern honey-mix of fruits like blueberries, apples, oranges, and a variety of cheese.
A small fruit charcuterie board for one (or two).


Fantabulosity created a fruit tray that is simple and delicious with a homemade marshmallow dip that everyone will want to dip into!

fruit charcuterie board ideas-fantabulosity-board with kiwi, blueberry, strawberries, and cookies.
A kid-friendly and simple fruit platter.


A fruit platter that is kid-friendly and fun from the Epicurian Mouse that includes some delicious options like mozzarella, peaches, watermelon, and even some cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto.

fruit charcuterie board ideas-the epicurean mouse-board with a variety of fruits and other options like cheese and olives.
Full of classic charcuterie food and fruits too!


Windy City Dinner Fairy has a fruit tray that is not only beautiful but full of different fruit, including half a watermelon topped with whipped cream and berries. The best part is this fruit charcuterie board idea will feed a large crowd.

fruit charcuterie board ideas-windy city dinner fairy-board with a variety of fruits including half a watermelon with whipped cream on top, grapes, strawberries and a dip
A unique board full of unique flavors.

23. How to Create the Best Fruit Charcuterie Board

Dried pineapple, dragonfruit, and other fruits like oranges make the board from Daily Mom look delicious. If you are going to include apples, you’ll want to keep them from turning brown. For best results, dunk them in some lemon juice.

fruit charcuterie board ideas-daily mom-fresh and dried apples, oranges, dragonfruit and more.
A large fruit try with a range of options.


If you are looking for an easy way to present some delicious stone fruit like peaches and nectarines along with some cheese, The Curious Plate has created a board with all the above and more!

fruit charcuterie board ideas-the curious plate-stone fruit like peaches, and nectarines, along with cheese.
Stone fruit and cheese board.

25. How to Make the Best Fruit and Cheese Platter

A cheese platter with some fruit is a great choice if want to serve a simple appetizer! House of Nash Eats has a simple board that is perfect at any time of the year. Adding in some delicious dips and dried fruits makes this board a winner.

fruit charcuterie board ideas-house of nash eats-board with a variety of fruits, cheese, and crackers.
A simple build your own snack charcuterie board.

26. Grilled Fruit Vegetable Charcuterie Board

Large serving trays can be hard to fill with fruit and vegetables. But don’t worry. Reluctant Entertainer has created a large charcuterie board that is not only filled with grilled fruit but some grilled vegetables as well!

fruit charcuterie board ideas-reluctant entertainer-board with of grilled veggies and fruits
A large grilled fruit and veggie platter.


During the fall or near that time of year, it can be hard to find not only a delicious fruit but fruit that people are looking for. Cooking Panda has added some season fruit that makes this traditional charcuterie board even better.

fruit charcuterie board ideas-cooking panda-a couple of fruits, cheese, and crackers.
A charcuterie board for one.

28. How to Create a Beautiful Fruit Charcuterie Board

A simple fruit board that is perfect for a date night or just for a simple snack after some errands. A Blissful Nest has created a simple round board that includes larger fruit like watermelon and small fruit like strawberries.

fruit charcuterie board ideas-a blissful nest-board with a variety of fruits like oranges, watermelon. blueberries and pears.
Classic fruit fill this round serving tray.


Simply Delicious created a large charcuterie board that not only includes fresh fruit but cheese, fresh herbs, and crackers.

fruit charcuterie board ideas-simply delicious food-board with a variety of fruits, cheeses, and crackers.
Fruits, veggies, crackers, and cheese galore!

30. How to Create the Perfect, Fresh Fruit Charcuterie Board

Although larger items like watermelon slices take up the most space, Amazing Charcuterie Boards doesn’t let the rest of the space go to waste. Filling it with smaller items like grapes, peach slices, and blueberries.

fruit charcuterie board ideas-amazing charcuterie boards-board with a watermelon, grapes, and berries.
Watermelon, takes over!

31. Charcuterie Board with Fruit and Vegetables

Veggies and fruit are always together, and whether you decide to include vegetable dip or cream cheese dip, guests will be happy, especially with a board like Simple Easy Creative.

fruit charcuterie board ideas-hoosier homemade-board with a variety of fruits and veggies
A serving platter of deliciousness.


A more traditional charcuterie board from TCF with some fruit sprinkled in is a great idea if you are unsure of what to serve during the spring.

fruit charcuterie board ideas-the communal feast-meat, cheese, and fruit.
A board that is perfect for any time of the year.

33. Vegetable, Fruit and Cheese Board

Unsure of ways to display the different colors of your fruits and veggies? Include some crackers and cheese like Karista Bennett did!

fruit charcuterie board ideas-karista bennett-board with a variety of dips, fruits, and veggies.
A great mixture of all things healthy.

34. St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Board: Two Ways

Looking for different ways to present some delicious fruits to your family or guests? Ain’t Too Proud To Meg has two great ways to present it.

fruit charcuterie board ideas-aint too proud to meg-fruit rainbow
A rainbow beautiful enough to eat.


Danilicous has a simple charcuterie board full of fruit and delicious choices of cheese. It also includes some chocolate and candied nuts.

fruit charcuterie board ideas-danilicious- cheese and fruit platter
A simple cheese platter with some added sweetness.

36. How to Make a Fruit Charcuterie Board

If you are just unsure of how to make a fruit charcuterie board, Skill Share Blog gives you some step-by-step directions and shows you how to prepare an absolutely beautiful display!

fruit charcuterie board ideas-skills share-board with fruit cut into triangles
An easy and beautiful fruit charcuterie board.

37. Healthy and Tasty Fruit Charcuterie Board Ideas

Using bowls made out of fruit, Wine with Paige has an easy charcuterie board full of fruits.

fruit charcuterie board ideas-wine with paige-board with a variety of fruits in hollowed out fruit like watermelon and pineapples.
Bowls of fruit, count me in!

These fruit charcuterie board ideas are simple, delicious, and easy to make. They are perfect for any holiday, family get-together, or date night.

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