Martha is having a blog contest!  This is a great way to get your blog noticed.  You need to go to her post about the contest, leave a comment about your blog and then link to her blog on your blog. 

Would you mind also putting in a good word for Skip to my Lou (pretty please)?  Even if you don’t have a blog you can still leave a comment about how much you like Skip to my Lou (okay, I know this is a shameless plea!—–but a mention on Martha’s blog would just be too cool).

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  1. Hi! I just posted on Martha’s blog letting her know how much I love Skip to My Lou. I realized while doing it that I’ve never let YOU know how much I love your blog all your fabulous ideas. You are my “go to girl” anytime I need a quick craft or party idea. I also fashioned Teacher Appreciation week at our school of 700+ students primarily from your blog last year! Thanks for being kind enough to share your creativity with all of us!


  2. of to leave a comment about your blog on Martha’s… how I’d love to be featured there too, but my blog is not really crafty and so not in this league so the least I can do is plug one of my favs!

  3. I left a comment for your blog over at Martha’s.

    I really only lurk here and rarely comment- but I do love this space!!

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