Need to add a cute ghost drawing to your Halloween picture? Try this easy ghost doodle and surprise yourself with how fun and easy this is!

Ghost outline drawing with eyes and smiling face

Halloween is such a fun time of year and I’ve got this cute bat, mysterious cat, and crescent moon drawing tutorials that would look perfect in the picture with this ghost! Don’t miss all the fun things to draw on Skip to my Lou! You will find loads of easy drawing tutorials for kids and adults.

Here are my Favorite Supplies for Drawing a Ghost

Has anyone seen the paper? Have your art supplies ghosted you and disappeared? If so, light the lamp and summon up these items I use when drawing: (affiliate links)

Ghost Step-by-Step Instructions Start Here

The drawing steps will show you how to draw a cartoon ghost from start to finish.

  1. Draw an upside-down U with curving lines at the bottom. First line up around and down to begin ghost drawing.
  2. Add 7 or so scallops of various lengths all around the bottom and back up to connect the sides of the ghost. 2nd step for ghost drawing. The bottom part of the ghost
  3. Draw the eyes and mouth on the ghost. For this example, I used sunflower seed shaped eyes and a banana shaped mouth. You can experiment with different shapes to achieve a scary ghost or a mad ghost. Have fun! 3rd step for ghost drawing teardrop shapes for eyes and a mouth
  4. Fill in the eyes and mouth with black and add a curved line coming up from the end of each scallop on the white ghost’s body. 4th step for drawing the ghost lines from the bottom midway up to show folds
  5. Use tiny hatch lines on the left side of the lines on the left side of the ghost to add texture. And use tiny hatch lines on the right side of the ghost, just like you did on the left. Notice how the hatch lines are longer at the bottom and get shorter as they move up?
  6. Last step of ghost drawing adding shading to folds.

How to Draw a Ghost Video

Watch someone make this drawing of a ghost.

Before You go

Thank you for stopping by to draw a ghost with me today! I prefer my ghosts to be sweet and dwell in the world of the living instead of the underworld! What about you?

In books and movies, unwanted ghosts really get on people’s nerves, but trust me on this, the ghosts featured in the posts below will be welcome!

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