Turn glass ornaments into beautiful keepsakes and show off your child’s artwork.   This is an easy Chritmas craft that any child old enough to color with Sharpie markers will enjoy!

Making Christmas Ornaments is always a fun holiday activity!

round glass ornament with childs artwork of christmas tree
Children’s Artwork Make a Precious Keepsake

Glass Ornament Supplies

  • Clear glass ball ornaments (2.63 inches) These can be found at a  craft store like Michael’s.
  • Colored Sharpie markers
  • Clear transparency (This can be purchased at a copy shop like Office Max or Kinko’s, You can buy it by the sheet in their copy center)
  • Christmas Ornament Template
Clear glass ornament balls and blue, green, orange, red, and yellow sharpie markers for making glass Christmas ornament.

How to Make Glass Ornaments with Children’s Art

The hardest part of this craft is getting the correct size of the circle that will fit into your glass ball. Download the template we provided for the circle if you are using a 2.6-inch glass ornament. If your ornament is different, measure around the ornament and then divide that number by 3.14. TIP: Test a paper circle in the ornament before beginning this project!

First, have the child make an outline of their design inside one of the circles on the template. Having the child sketch it out first in the circle on the copy paper saves making mistakes and wasting the transparency sheet.

Template for inside glass ornament. A child has drawn a Christmas tree with ornaments and stars.

Next, cover the paper drawing with the transparency sheet. Tape corners down to prevent slipping. Trace the circle and then color in the design with the Sharpie markers.

Colored template covered with the transparency sheet. The corners are taped down to keep it from sleeping.

Carefully cut out the circle, just slightly inside the line.

Insert for glass ornament with Christmas tree in the night sky with stars covered with transparency and cut  out.

Roll up the circle and send it into the glass ornament. It should fit snugly inside the ornament without bending too much.

Completed circle rolled up being slide into the glass ornament.

The plastic circle will flatten out. Adjust the placement of the transparency with a pencil and tweezers. If you need to remove the plastic you can pull it out with tweezers.

Round glass ornament with child's artwork of Christmas tree inside.

A beautiful keepsake of your child’s artwork! If you sew check out these fabulous child’s artwork keepsake ornaments. Too cute! We have also made these cool candles with kid’s drawings.

Try making an embellished clipboard from your child’s artwork.

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  1. Yes, it is, and using such simple instructions is helpful for me to make some of my own glass ball ornaments.

  2. I have a tree in my son’s room that those would be perfect for! Thanks for sharing! I’m posting a family recipe for hot chocolate today that is great to give as a gift. Come check it out!

  3. My daughter’s brownie troop just did this last week – they are so cute. Her troop leader took a picture of each girl and put it in the ornament instead of artwork – both great ideas!!

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