These glitter eggs are super simple to make! They are the perfect way to add some bling to your holiday!

Glitter Eggs

Grab some eggs. I love these plastic eggs I found at Wal-mart. They look just like the real thing.  You can paint your eggs or use an egg dying kit or dye eggs with food coloring.   The best part of this project is this glitter and glue set from Elmer’s. The glue container has a super thin tip, perfect for applying small amounts of glue. To make sure you get the glitter exactly where you want it this little kit comes with a tiny funnel for applying the glitter. Cool!

Glitter egg supplies

Once eggs are dyed and dried, apply glue to egg. This little glue applicator will allow you to do small details and even letters! Wouldn’t monogramed glitter eggs make perfect place cards at your Easter dinner?

glitter egg tutorial

Place glitter in the funnel and apply glitter to the egg.  Allow to dry.

Glitter eggs tutorial

So pretty!

Glitter Eggs


I am proudly a member of the 2014 Elmer’s Craft it Crew.  A big thank you Elmer’s for sponsoring this tutorial and helping me to provide content here.  I only endorse products and brands that I believe in 100% and use in my day to day life! Elmer’s is one of those brands!

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