This Graduation Cap SVG for Graduation Centerpieces is my sweetest and newest creation designed to celebrate all the graduates in your life! With my detailed, step-by-step instructions, you can do this!

We just celebrated a very important graduation (picture below) and I made these graduation decorations just for the occasion! If you appreciate handmade and thoughtful gifts, you are not alone! Please keep reading and I will link some handmade treasures at the end for you to try!

graduation centerpieces using graduation cap svg

It is really so simple to make your own stunning graduation party decor with these SVG files for Cricut.

Here’s What You Need:

  • Card stock
  • Long skewers
  • Glue (I used a mix of tape roller to glue paper together and hot glue to hold skewers in place)
  • Graduation hat cut files
  • Cutting machine (I used the Cricut Maker)
  • Flowers (these could be potted plants or flowers or cut flowers in a vase)

Chose the free graduation SVG files you need: (I have included PGN digital files in case you prefer those instead of SVG format for your convenience)

How to Make Graduation Party Centerpieces

This is a really easy graduation centerpiece idea to put together. It can be made in advance knocking centerpieces off your list early! What a festive and fun way to decorate!

  1. Download the graduation hat SVG and diploma SVG to your computer.
  2. Open Cricut Design Space and select a new project.
  3. Select Upload then upload image, select browse to locate the file on your computer then open the file. Upload.upload graduation cutting file
  4. Select the image and select add to canvas.add to canvas in design studio
  5. Resize image. I made my bows and tassels 4.559 wide by 3.75 high. Then duplicate. My glitter cardstock was 12 inches by 12 inches. I put four on the page. Send to cut.resize image and duplicate
  6. Since my graduation centerpieces were on tables they needed to be double-sided. So I cut the project again, but I made sure to choose edit mat in the lower left.edit mat cricut design studio
  7. Turn on mirror.turn on mirror image cricut design studio
  8. Cut the graduation hats the same, and don’t forget to mirror the second time. To fit the above bows and tassels I made the hats and diplomas 6.349 wide by 5 inches high.graduation hat and diploma cutting files
  9. Now you have all the cuts made.graduation centerpiece hats and diplomas bows
  10. Glue with a glue stick, or tape roller. When putting the fronts and backs together with a skewer inside I used hot glue.graduation hat and diploma picks for centerpieces

Here is the link to the graduation hat and diploma cutting file in the Cricut Design space. This is what I used to create the graduation centerpiece below.

Insert the picks into flower arrangements.

Beautiful graduation centerpiece with flowers.

We had an amazing time celebrating this sweet girl who has been in school for the last 21 years and is now our newest and FINEST dentist!

If you have a special graduate you might also like these free printable graduation cards. They are an instant download for those last-minute gifts.

couple at graduation party with centerpiece

Downloadable Free SVG Cut Files Ready Go!

It is my pleasure to share these SVG files and I can’t wait to hear how you plan to use them to spread love and joy to others! (You probably want to make one for yourself, too, you know, for practice.)

More Graduation, Floral, and Centerpiece Ideas for you

Graduation and flowers are definitely trending right now! What a glorious time of the year! I would love to know in the comments which ideas you tried and thank you for being here today! I hope these ideas make graduation day from high school to doctorate special.

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  1. You did a marvelous job on the cap and diploma center pieces and thank u so much for sharing with your readers!

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