Have you seen this?  What a great way to peel a potato!

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  1. It looks pretty cool – but I just keep the skins on, for everything; mashed potatoes, potatoe salad, roasted potatoes. It’s part lazy and past tasty and I’m sure there are good nutrients and stuff in the peel.

  2. I can’t believe how fantastic MaryAnn looks!

    For Alicia who says it is wasteful to boil the potato for 15 minutes, don’t forget that you are also cooking the potato! If you were going to boil the potato anyway then you are not wasting anything. I often do it this way when making potato salad. I cook until the potato is done (15-20 minutes) then take them out and let them cool a bit the pull the peels off. I actually think the potato tastes better when cooked in the peel! Don’t forget to salt the water generously!

    If you like eggs in your potato salad, you can also boil the eggs right with the potatoes.

    There are no extra dirty dishes involved either. You would use a pot anyway to cook your potatoes and if you use an ice bath, the bowl isn’t dirty, just rinse it out and put it in the drainer. I never use an ice bath though, I just let them cool a bit until I can stand to touch them!

  3. I’ve seen this before, and it is neat, but it’s SO wasteful! Using water JUST to peel them, then the electricity or gas for boiling it for 15 minutes. Plus as Mary above commented, now extra dirty dishes. It’s insane. I’d rather exert an absolutely minuscule amount of energy, and just peel them. I could have them peeled, diced, the peeler washed dried and put away, and the potatoes in the recipe in that 15 minutes.

  4. I feel embarassed that as an Idaho girl I didn’t already know this trick! Idaho potatoes rock!

  5. That was awesome. I’ll have to try that the next time I’m making mash potatoes! Thanks for the great find.

  6. Thanks for sharing, I’ve never seen this. I know the potato won’t be done cooking, but imagine cutting it up after it is peeled and putting it back into the already boiling water!

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