Succulents make great indoor plants. They don’t require too much attention and are easy to care for, perfect for my brown thumb! Decorating with succulents is a great way to add texture and visual interest to a room! I have always had a love for these unusual plants and you will find them adorning the coffee tables in my home!

growing succulents tips

How to grow succulents

Too much water is not good for succulents. Succulents do need more water when it is warm and less during cooler months. Once a week should be enough when it is warm. Once every other week or once a month when it is cooler.  Also, the thicker the leaves on a succulent the less water it will need.

Succulents like a sandy or coarse soil that drains well. Soil needs to dry out between watering.

Succulents need a lot of sunlight to grow happy and healthy. However, too much sun can burn the leaves. A bright sunny area is great, but stay away from direct afternoon sun.

Proper drainage is a must so choose a pot with a hole in the bottom.

Take Care
Watch how the succulents are doing. Yellowing of the leaves can mean too much sunlight or overwatering. Leaning towards the light  can mean not enough sun. You might notice the plant stretching and becoming longer with more space in between the leaves.

supplies for growing succulents

How to plant succulents

  • Find a cool pot with a hole in the bottom.  
  • Fill the bottom of the pot with soil. I like using pre mixed cactus soil from Miracle Grow. You can also mix your own soil by using equal parts sand (horticulture quality), grit (pumice, lava fines or perlite) and potting soil.  
  • Carefully remove plants from their plastic containers. Be careful to not tear the roots.
  • Place plants into the pot. Firmly press soil around each plant.
  • I cover the soil with small stones, because I like the way it gives a finished look.

how to grow succulents

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  1. Wow Megan, I had no idea! Thanks so much for the tip. Thankfully my kids are past that stage but everyone needs to know this information. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Succulents are so cool. I desperately wanted to plant a tiny succulent container garden in my classroom a few years ago so I went on a search and I think it’s helpful information that many succulents are poisonous. The health department in Arizona has really strict plant-safety requirements so it was necessary to find plants that didn’t give even a slight rash when consumed, *and* were non-spiky. The only ones I was able to find that met that criteria were the cobweb houseleek, and two others whose names I can’t remember but one of them was named something about a tree and was purplish. So just an FYI – if you have kids that put things in their mouths you might want to keep a close eye on which succulents you plant, or plant them inside a terrarium. I definitely recommend it, though! Especially if they can help you plant!

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