It is that time of year when I start getting excited about “the party.”  I enjoy this evening with friends so much and look forward to it all year.

Last year we came home to the invitation all aglow on our front porch. Yes, my friend Missy made these. I know unbelievable!  We laid on our front porch in the dark admiring how wonderful it was. It is simply amazing and is now a treasured Halloween decoration.

Complete with a little old lady

The theme for the party was “Grandmother’s Graveyard” The invitation sat along side the house.

The inside of the invitation held a poem and a graveyard

Missy’s house was decorated with many graveyard touches

Her chandelier was complete with a skeleton head and bones

The placecards were “dead” flowers. The napkin rings were adorned with “silver” roaches.

Special detail is also paid to the children’s table, with a large spider and spider web hanging overhead.

A skeleton in a coffin served as the centerpiece. Handmade tombstones were the children’s placecards.

Hanging on the back of each chair was a coffin filled with treats.  She found these at Oriental Trading and then embellished them with glitter.

We have an idea of what we would like to go as this year —–if we can talk the kids into it.  We will have to see. You know we have a reputation to uphold.

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  1. I also would love to know what the invitation said and any ideas she used while making the house. This is a wonderful idea and may be jsut the thing my family needs to get us out of our Not “having” Halloween (considering it is my favorite time of year)

  2. this is soo cool! how did your friend make that house and graveyard card, dont suppose she would do a u tube video on how to?? i love it!

  3. you girls are having way too much fun! I wish I had just half of the talent you all have 🙂
    amazing…can’t wait to see what you come up with for this year.

  4. Oh, my, she is sooooo amazing! Love the pix. The chains on the chandelier are hysterical! The invite is incredible…. wow, wow, wow! She keeps out-doing herself – can’t imagine what’s in store this year!

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